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23 signs she wants to end the relationship | relationship pain quotes

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she wants to end the relationship

We’ve all been there. You are in a relationship that appears to be going nowhere and you just want to get out of it before you waste any more of your precious time. Well, here is how to know if she wants to break up with you and move on with her life:

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1. She makes excuses to speak to you less often.

If she’s making excuses not to talk as much, it could be that she’s trying to distance herself from you. She may see this as the best way to end things without hurting your feelings or risking a confrontation. If you haven’t had a heart-to-heart with her yet, or even if you have and she hasn’t given any indication of wanting out of the relationship, then you need to ask yourself why is she pulling away from me?

  • Is it because of something I said or did?
  • Is there another man in her life who has caught her eye?
  • Are there other problems at work or at home that are causing her anxiety over time spent together?

2. She looks out for herself.

It’s a sad fact that many women are more concerned with their own needs than the needs of their partners. She may not be actively putting you down, but if she is no longer concerned with your happiness and comfort in the relationship, then it’s time to consider ending things. If she is becoming selfish and self-centered, then she has become less loving toward you. This is never good news for an unhappy relationship!

3. She doesn’t share details about her daily life with you anymore.

This is a big sign that the relationship is over. She’s no longer interested in sharing details about her daily life with you, or even sharing thoughts, feelings and opinions.

She may not want to share plans for the future either. If she hasn’t talked about where she sees herself in five years or more recently asked what your plans are for next year, then it’s an indicator that she isn’t as invested in this relationship anymore.

4. She is no longer as affectionate as she once was.

  • She is no longer as affectionate as she once was.

If your girlfriend isn’t initiating contact or showing you affection like she once did, this could be an indication that she doesn’t have the same level of interest in you anymore. It’s likely that she’s been pulling away slowly, but it’s time to face facts: if your girlfriend isn’t willing to show physical intimacy with you anymore and her behavior has changed dramatically over a relatively short period of time, then this is a clear sign that she wants out of the relationship.

5. She no longer confides in you about her problems or worries.

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she wants to end the relationship

she wants to end the relationship

  • You used to be able to talk about anything with your girlfriend. She would open up to you, tell you all of her secrets, and share every worry and concern with you.
  • These days, however, she seems reluctant to do any of those things. You can’t get her to open up anymore. She doesn’t want to share her problems or worries with you; if anything, she wants them kept secret from everyone else in the world!
  • And it’s not just that—she’s also become less willing than ever before when it comes time for talking about feelings or emotions!

6. You are no longer a part of her future plans.

  • You are no longer a part of her future plans.

While she is still with you, you can be sure that she wants to stay in the relationship and make it work. But when she starts distancing herself from your life, this is another sign that she might be giving up on you and moving on without you.

She doesn’t care about your plans anymore because they don’t include her or involve her at all. If a girl truly loves you and wants to be with you for the long haul then she will always be interested in what’s going on in your life, especially if those things involve spending time together! So if this isn’t happening anymore then chances are high that all hope may not be lost just yet but there definitely needs some rekindling soon before things get too much worse…

7. She appears irritated when she is with you or talks to you on the phone.

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If she is irritated when she is with you or talking to you on the phone, then it’s a sign that she wants to end the relationship. She may be irritated because she wants to end the relationship but doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. She may also be irritated because she doesn’t want to fight with you.

8. She has become less interested in what you have to say or do with your time.

She has become less interested in what you have to say or do with your time.

You’re not that much fun anymore. She’s no longer listening to what you have to say, and she’s definitely not interested in going out with you. She has lost her love for the things that were once important to both of you. If this is true for your girlfriend, it could be a sign that she wants out of the relationship.

9. She doesn’t seem interested in getting physically intimate with you anymore, even when she does initiate it, her touch seems mechanical and detached.

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10. Her heart isn’t in the relationship anymore, but she hasn’t brought it up because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or fight with you over something that can’t be solved anyway..

  • Her heart isn’t in the relationship anymore, but she hasn’t brought it up because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or fight with you over something that can’t be solved anyway..

If she has lost interest in you, the best thing for her to do would be to end the relationship as soon as possible. She wants to spare both of you any unnecessary pain and suffering that would come from prolonging something that is dying on its own accord.

11. She is no longer interested in the small things that make you happy like a particular TV show or a book series or a particular food item, etc., and that happens because she just doesn’t see herself being a part of your life in the long-term anymore..

  • She is no longer interested in the small things that make you happy like a particular TV show or a book series or a particular food item, etc., and that happens because she just doesn’t see herself being a part of your life in the long-term anymore..

12. You barely spend time together

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She might not be comfortable to talk about it, but she knows that if she continues to spend time alone with you, then things will only get worse.

  • You barely spend time together: If your girlfriend has suddenly stopped hanging out with you, then this could mean that she is trying to end things with you. She does not want to hang out with someone who is going nowhere in life and will not help her achieve her goals in life. She wants someone who will share a similar passion for life as well as help her achieve those dreams.
  • You don’t talk much anymore: Your girlfriend no longer talks at length about her day or asks how yours went over lunch or dinner? This could be a sign that she doesn’t want to invest any more energy into the relationship because there may not be much left of it after all this time spent together talking about each other’s lives and sharing our thoughts on everything under the sun!

13. He doesn’t support your wins

Of course, you want to be with someone who is proud of your successes. You’re not looking for a cheerleader, but a person who has the ability to give constructive feedback while still maintaining a positive outlook on life. When someone doesn’t support your wins or dreams, it can make you feel like they don’t believe in you at all. It’s important that your partner encourages and supports you as much as possible so that one day—perhaps even sooner than later—you can look back on this relationship and say that it was worth it all!

14. He doesn’t want to work through the problems

you are having problems in your relationship, you need to address them, not ignore them. If your partner does not want to work through the problems that you are having, it’s a sign that she is not happy with the relationship and wants out.

If you want to save your relationship from ending, then one of the best things you can do is communicate with each other openly and honestly about what is going on between the two of you.

15. You feel lonely in his company

  • You feel lonely in his company

If you are feeling lonely in your relationship, it is an indicator that something is going wrong. If you have been with your partner for a long time and this feeling of loneliness has started to surface recently, then it could be an indication that there are some issues within the relationship. The fact that you feel lonely means that there is something missing from the relationship. In addition to this, if he does not make time for you or does not spend as much time with you as he used to do earlier on in the relationship, then this could also be a sign of trouble brewing underneath their surface.

16. Everything feels forced

  • Everything feels forced

A relationship should be a good fit — you feel like you are the right person for her and she feels the same way about you. If everything in your relationship feels like a chore, then it’s time to move on. You may have been together for years, but if it feels like neither one of you can get out of this rut even though you both know something needs to change, then it might be time to look elsewhere.

17. Signs your long-term relationship is over

If you feel like your partner is not interested in making the relationship work, there might be a chance that it is already over.

  • He doesn’t want to meet up with you
  • He does not text back
  • He ignores your calls

18. How do you tell if he wants you to break up with him?

If you are unsure whether or not your partner wants to break up with you, here are some signs.

When he doesn’t want to talk about the future or the past and only talks about the present moment, it’s a sign that he wants to end things. He might also start being distant and avoid making eye contact with you when you’re together. Or maybe he’ll just completely shut down when it comes to talking about what’s going on in his life. This can be especially true if he starts acting like everything is fine between the two of you when really it isn’t at all—this could be his way of avoiding an uncomfortable conversation that would lead up towards breaking up with someone in a more direct way.

Another sign is if he suddenly becomes busy whenever he gets home from work; this could mean that he’s avoiding spending time alone with his partner because being around them has started reminding him of how unhappy they both have been lately (or maybe even for longer than that). It’s also possible that there is something else going on in their lives right now which makes spending time together difficult so making excuses may seem like the easiest solution out there until they figure things out themselves later on down road.”

19. Are there signs that indicate it’s time to end a relationship?

  • Are there signs that indicate it’s time to end a relationship?

Yes, there are. Signs like this one: You haven’t made out in three weeks and he hasn’t asked you on an actual date in six months. Or this one: You’ve been together for two years but still haven’t had sex because he’s too nervous about your “hymen.” Or perhaps this one: You’re so sick of him telling you how much he loves you—and then never showing up when it matters most.Or maybe even this last one (it may come as a surprise): Nobody else thinks they should stay together either! If any of these situations sound familiar—or if none of them do at all—then it’s time to take stock of the relationship and decide whether or not it needs fixing (or ending).

20. If he doesn’t love you, move on sis!

  • He doesn’t care about you
  • He ignores you
  • He doesn’t want to talk to you anymore
  • He is not interested in being with you anymore


If you are in a relationship and want to know if it’s time for it to end, or if you suspect someone close to you is feeling this way about their partner but won’t talk about it openly, we hope these signs will help.

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