The 2021 Guide to Microsoft Advertising

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Google Ads when you're planning an ad campaign for the first time. Note: (Buy YouTube Views UK) before you say "bye" for Bing you may think about this: even though

It's not difficult to discredit Microsoft Advertising (f.k.a. Bing Ads) to make way for Google Ads when you're planning an ad campaign for the first time. Note: (Buy YouTube Views UK) before you say "bye" for Bing you may think about this: even though Google is the most used search engine, users still conduct more than 12 billion searches using Bing every month. These users are also distinct. About 38% have a salary of $100,000 or more and 33% hold an undergraduate degree and the majority of them are aged 25 or more.

But it's not the only thing. At present, Bing Ads reaches 44 million users on desktops that Google Ads doesn't. This informs marketers of a vital fact that if you don't take advantage of Bing Ads, you limit the reach of your marketing.

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This article will inform you all you must learn about Microsoft Advertising, including what kinds of advertisements Bing has in 2021, the best way to make an effective Bing Ads campaign, and how Bing Ads compare to Google Ads.

What is Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads)?

Microsoft Advertising is an internet marketing platform that lets companies promote their services, products websites, stores and websites in search results of Bing. Bing platform. It's a type of search-based marketing, specifically"Pay-Per-Click" (PPC) advertising, which provides users with ads sponsored by the company alongside organic results from search.

There are many who use the term Bing Ads by the name of "Microsoft Advertising" or "Microsoft Bing Ads." Microsoft changed the name of Bing Ads into Microsoft Advertising beginning in the month of April 2019, but numerous digital marketers continue to employ the two terms interchangeably.

Microsoft Advertising essentially works like this:

Internet users look up an expression, e.g., "black leggings."

Microsoft Provides the Internet

Microsoft provides the Internet user with organic search results as well as ads for black leggings on sale on the internet.
The user of the web clicks an advertisement and buys an item of leggings (at at least, that's the intention).
Microsoft explains the process as follows: "customers search… they see your ads… Customers reach out to you."

In simple terms, PPC advertising on Bing is:

Budget-friendly. Bing Ads will let you determine a daily maximum spend to manage your expenses.

Cost-efficient. Bing Ads will only charge you for advertisements that people click (meaning you only have to pay to generate leads).
Flexible. You can invest anything from a few bucks to thousands of dollars a day on advertisements.

Targeted. Microsoft Advertising uses keyword and audience targeting to ensure your ads are only displayed in results that are related to your business, product or the name of your business.

Types of Bing Ads

Although the majority of PPC ads might appear identical to the non-trained eye, Bing Ads offers many different kinds of ads for various companies, campaigns as well as internet users.

They include:

Text ads with expanded text

Expanded Text Ads are the most common PPC ads you will see in results of searches. They consist of three main elements:

A title
The text in the ad
Expanded text ads appear naturally in results of searches. This makes them ideal for companies who want to increase customers to their site or online store.

Expanded text ads appear like this:

Bing ads examples

App install ads

App install ads look like expanded text ads however, instead of linking users to a web page they direct customers directly to Google Play or the Apple App Store. The ads are:

A title
Ad Text
A button that allows you to download the application (Bing Ads will determine the type of phone an Internet user is using and show the right link)
App install advertisements are (Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) only available to users of iPhones as well as Android devices. They're also not suited for companies marketing apps.

Ads for app installs appear like this:

Bing Ads example

Dynamic search ads

These are text ads that focus on specific search results, by matching your websites with results from searches for similar products or similar keywords. At times, Bing Ads will also create an ad custom-designed to best suit the search query.

Dynamic search ads comprise:

A title
Ad Text
Your URL
These ads can be designed for brands that have extensive product lines or for brands who don't wish to do their own keyword research and pick their targeted keyword or negative keyword.

The dynamic search ads appear like this:

Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) advertisements in results of searches

Smart advertisements for search

Bing display smart search advertisements in the start bar of Windows computers when a user uses the bar to begin an Bing search. These advertisements comprise:

A photo from your page's landing (when feasible)
A title
Ad Text
Links to related web pages (like Your contact page)
Smart search ads are ideal to companies that want to advertise products, websites or stores. They are, however, just available to the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany as well as Canada.

The smart search ads appear like this:

Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) examples

Source: Microsoft

Multimedia ads

Multimedia ads employ pictures as well as other visuals (like infographics) to convince users to click them. Multimedia ads can include:

A photo
A title
Ad copy
A hyperlink to the page of the sponsor
A call-to-action (CTA) button that has the words "View Now" or "Shop now"
Multimedia ads work best to companies with a greater budget, because Microsoft suggests that companies customize their ads using the following: four description, 15 headlines and 16 photos. Bing Ads mix and match the elements to create specifically targeted ads to target specific results from searches.

The ads for Multimedia are like this:

Screenshots of Microsoft Advertising vertical banner ad

Product ads

Product ads are paid-for listings of products which Bing Ads show to people searching for similar products. For instance, Bing Ads would show people who are looking on the internet for "indoor shoes" products that advertise sandals and slippers. These ads would comprise:

A title
The cost of the item (and any discounts on sale currently available)
The seller
A photograph of the product
Product ads are ideal for brands that sell online.

The ads for products look like this:

Shoppable Bing advertisements in results of searches

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