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Instagram tip 1 is to Choose your hashtags with care


Hashtags can help users locate precisely what they're looking for from the thousands of articles.


If you want your images to be taken notice of, you need to master the art of using hashtags in a creative method.


4 Instagram tips for how to make use of hashtags


Utilize hashtags with a minimum of 10 hashtags: ten is the magic number when it comes to hashtags. If you use less, your post doesn't get enough attention, and it appears like spam.

Hashtag tools can be your best friend Tools such as Hashtagify and All Hashtag assist you in finding hashtags to match your content. Both are completely free to make use of.

Keep an eye on your competitors: There are surely the most successful Instagrammer you admire and who post content similar to yours. You can use them as your role models and attempt to upload even higher quality or more imaginative photos and videos.

Use special hashtags: By special hashtags, we refer to hashtags such as #follow or #likeforlike. Particularly in starting your Instagram career, These hashtags can help you gain more attention with your posts. However, don't go overboard and restrict your use to a couple of hashtags to avoid being viewed as an impostor beggar.

Hide your Hashtags

Suppose you try to incorporate greater than 10 hashtags within your post description, your chance of being perceived as a spammer. Instead, it is better to use two small tricks:


Make hashtags invisible Once you add hashtags at the bottom of your post and divide them by two dots, Instagram will hide them. As an example:



Utilize the comment area. Use the comment section to post the hashtags you want to use in your first post. Please do not overdo it with many hashtags because it is impossible to hide hashtags from the comment section.


Tip 2 on Instagram Be active!


Don't forget you are on Instagram. Instagram is a powerful social media platform, and your success will depend on real-world users.


It's not just something reserved for the super successful Instagrammer. It's a good idea for everyone. If you don't have too many followers, you should be spending your time making connections and commenting on posts of other users on Instagram.


When doing this, you have to adhere to the following essential guidelines:



Get feedback from your followers: Instagram lives on interaction. It is good to begin early and communicate via your Instagram followers. Get their opinions on a particular subject or find out the topics they are interested in the next time. Make sure to reply to any comments.


Be cooperative: Discover who on Instagram have an impact on the topic you're passionate about, and then find ways to communicate with them. Join their communities and help them, and you could get an opportunity to work with them.


Be authentic: If you're posting comments to make users notice your profile, you've already lost. Be genuine and only make compliments if you mean them. Unsincere behaviour is easily seen by others and is subsequently criticized. Instead, try to be friendly, courteous and funny to draw the attention of others.


Turn on Notifications

If you are looking to get the attention of prominent users on Instagram, it is not enough to only frequently comment on posts. It would be best if you were among the first people to respond to a new image.


An Instagrammer will be thrilled with the speedy response, and it's more likely that he will remember your username.


To enable notifications for a particular user, go to his profile, click "subscribe", and click on the "subscribe" link. The menu will open, and you can click on "Notifications" and choose your preferred options.


Tips for Instagram 3: Be prepared 


Regularly scheduled posts are vital to the success of your Instagram profile. If you don't want to dress your profile every day and locate the perfect photo spot, there is no other option other than to snap a few photographs and then plan them out for the next few weeks and days.


Instagram Tip 4 Improve your profile

An excellent way to increase your following is to use the Discover section. Users can access it by pressing the magnifying glass symbol located in the lower bar. The goal is to appear in this location.


Instagram users use the magnifying glass to look up keywords and topics that appeal to them. For instance, if you would like to be included on the results page for "fitness", you must include this word in your bio and name.

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Choose the keywords you wish users to discover you for, and determine the degree of competition each keyword has.


Highlights can play a role. Highlights in stories are a function of Instagram that allows users to watch their stories anytime.


Highlights from Instagram Story

This is the time to look back over all your old stories and choose each one by itself.


If you're still not making highlights yet, you need to provide each category with a name and include a lovely cover photo.


It is possible to add more stories to your highlight, delete stories, or remove the entire category at any time by holding and tapping the highlight.


Snapchat Tip #6: Disable the images that you've been tagged with

If you are tagged by someone in a post or photo on Instagram and post it, the post will be automatically included in your account.


The photos that have been tagged aren't always making you look attractive. You must take care to look them over and conceal them periodically manually.


To view the posts you've been assigned to, you can tap the icon for your person below your bio. Select the posts that you would prefer to keep hidden.


It is important to note that the posts do not disappear from Instagram. They are removed from your account.


If you wish to make sure that a picture of you that you've not authorized disappears from Instagram, you must contact the person behind the photo.


Manually Approve Tags

To help you avoid the effort explained in the final step, you must modify your settings so that you can choose which images will be displayed on your profile.


If you return to the person icon, tap on any post, then click on "Edit" at the top right. Then you can quickly (de-)activate this option "Approve marking up manually".


7th Instagram Tip: Post your posts on other platforms

The most successful users on Instagram do not just possess an Instagram profile. However, they also have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other platform.


Suppose you'd prefer to save yourself the hassle of manually posting your content to each platform. In that case, you can create your Instagram to ensure that your Instagram images will be automatically posted to your other platforms.


Visit your profile and tap the three lines in the lower right-hand corner. Go through Settings Account Related accounts, and choose the platform you want to connect your Instagram account.


Once you've linked the accounts to each other, you will be able to select the social platforms your content should be shared shortly.


Tips for Instagram 8: Activate the Business Account

Anyone who is using Instagram not only as a pastime should use the business functions of Instagram.


This feature provides you free access to your account's status and the ability to add more options to your account and promote your posts.


Instagram Business Account

Go to your profile, click Settings Account, then click "Switch into business account". Follow the steps to make your business account active.