Do you know the types of tires and their functions?

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Did you know that there are different types of tires? Yes, because of the variety of owners' needs, they have their diversifications.

Did you know that there are different types of tires? Yes, because of the variety of owners' needs, they have their diversifications. 

To help you understand better and also have an idea of ​​average values, we have prepared the following guidelines.

Pay attention to ensure that yours are always in good condition and adapted to what you need, for better vehicle performance and also more stability and safety when driving:

Tire types and their functions 

For starters, it is worth clarifying that each tire will provide an experience in your vehicle. Often, it is necessary to change them, either because they happened to puncture or because the replacement period has already passed (usually, they run well from 10,000 km to 80,000 km, depending on how much they face difficulties).

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If you notice that the rubber is “bald”, exposed wire, that the tread is damaged, or that it has bubbles, be alert!

There are also retread tires, but it's always good to pay attention to the quality of what you put on your car.

Usually, when the budget is tight or an emergency arises, it is common that instead of choosing new types of tires, consumers turn to this repair.


Among the types of tires that you can find, we have the on-road tire. It is a type designed mainly for those who travel with a vehicle a lot in the city. Therefore, its structure is more suitable for asphalt, which generally offers less wear.


The off-road tire is made for more winding environments, with rocks, uneven roads, or terrain with mud and mud.

They have greater strength, have a deeper tread, and are great for traction. This is essential for anyone who likes to explore nature and may need extra security.


It is one of the most common types of tires on trucks and SUVs. It works well for those who need to walk in places with dirt, as well as on asphalt.

So it's great for offering more flexibility to the driver. It is the guarantee of having a tire well adapted to any need. Both for everyday life and for those special moments when it is possible to go on a trail, for example.

Green tires

Green tires are so-called because they are linked to a lower environmental impact. They are made with rubber and silica. This mixture makes it possible to replace carbon, which is a pollutant. 

Ecological tires, although they have less resistance, can bring about a reduction in fuel consumption. This is because, being less resistant, they generate less heat in the tires.

Rolling resistance is said to be responsible for up to 15% of fuel consumption in a vehicle. If the tire has lower rolling resistance, it saves energy and increases fuel efficiency as a result.

What is the difference between tires? 

The differences, as you may have already noticed above, are due to the usefulness of each one. They change the material and the way they are manufactured, with a certain specificity.

However, it is very important that there are options for the customer to choose the best alternative for him.

In addition to the materials, there are also differences in measurements between them. This difference is in the width of the tire, but it's not that big (10mm).

In any case, it is essential that you do not forget to inflate your tires correctly.

How to choose the ideal tire?

As there are different types of tires available on the market, doubts may arise about how to choose the ideal one. It really depends on each client.

It is worth mentioning that everything also varies according to the moment of each owner and the analysis of the cost x benefit of each product. 

So it's worth getting informed about all types and thinking about the main roads you travel or your routine, that is, how you use the car. If you usually drive only on tours, on weekends, or in the city, on-road tires may suit you well.

If you like adventure and travel a lot, it can be very good to invest in a sports model.

Were you able to understand the main differences between the types of tires on the market and what each one is for? See how keeping them in good condition is important for safety? Speaking of which, take the opportunity to protect your vehicle and quote your Geico insurance.