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Ranting Couple Claim They Were Kicked Off JetBlue Flight – Read Shocking info

Long Beach, CA - May 18, 2010: JetBlue Plane parked at Long Beach Airport in California.

A couple is claiming they were kicked off a JetBlue flight forranting. The shocking details of what happened next have surfaced online and they’re not pretty. According to the couple, an announcement was made over the plane’s public address system that any passengers who did not have their headphones on would be asked to leave due to safety concerns. When the woman tried to take her headphones off so she and her husband could finish their conversation, she claims a stewardess told her she needed to keep them on or she would be escorted off the plane. The husband then went to talk to the stewardess

and allegedly got a different story – he was told that his wife was being disruptive and had to be removed because of it. The couple filed a complaint with JetBlue but has yet to receive a response. While this story may seem outlandish, it’s important to remember that incidents like this do happen every day. Whether it’s someone refusing to turn off their phone in a movie theater or someone speaking out of turn in a meeting, sometimes people can get offending others without realizing it. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel like you’re being treated unfairly, don’t hesitate to speak up!

couple kicked off flight

Michelle and Jimenez of Fort Lauderdale, Florida recently had the worst flight experience of their lives when they were kicked off a JetBlue flight for speaking Spanish to each other.

The couple boarded JetBlue Flight 387 from Fort Lauderdale to New York City on July 8th, but things quickly went downhill. Michelle and Jimenez were seated in the back of the plane, which caused them some difficulty communicating with each other because of their different languages.

However, that wasn’t the only issue. Shortly after takeoff, Michelle started feeling sick and asked to use the restroom. When she didn’t return after a few minutes, Jimenez began to worry and contacted a flight attendant who told him that Michelle had been thrown off the plane.

According to Michelle, a JetBlue supervisor informed her that she was “disrupting the peace on the plane” because she was speaking Spanish to her husband. The outraged Michelle said that she had been conversing in Spanish with her husband for over two years without issue, so she doesn’t understand why this particular incident led to her being evicted from the airplane.

JetBlue has since issued an apology to the couple and offered them a refund for their tickets. In addition, they have also

jetblue woman kicked off plane

A ranting couple claim they were kicked off JetBlue flight – Read Shocking info.

The woman and her husband say they were removed from their flight from Orlando to New York City after becoming disruptive and argumentative with airline staff.

According to the couple, they went to the back of the plane when things started to get out of hand, but a crew member told them to return to their seats. When they refused, the crew member allegedly escorted them off the plane.

The woman says she was in tears and her husband claims he was also humiliated by the experience. They’re now suing JetBlue for unspecified damages.

It’s not clear what caused the altercation between the couple and JetBlue staff, but it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened on a JetBlue flight. In fact, last year a man was arrested after breaking into a woman’s seat on a flight from San Francisco to Honolulu.

madeleine kelly jetblue

A couple is claiming that they were kicked off a JetBlue flight after an argument with the airline. The woman, Madeleine Kelly, said that her husband was yelling and became disruptive on the flight from New York to Orlando. According to Kelly, the argument started when her husband refused to put his headphones back on. Kelly said that she tried to deplane from the flight, but was stopped by security. A representative for JetBlue told ABC News that the airline does not comment on individual cases

The couple’s story has sparked outrage online, with many people calling for a boycott of the airline.

burger king man on plane died

The couple alleges that they were kicked off of a JetBlue flight after refusing to give up their seats for an unaccompanied child. The child was eventually placed on the flight without incident.

According to the couple, they were seated approximately two rows in front of the unaccompanied child and were informed by crew members that the child had to be placed on the flight. The couple refused to move, stating that they were not comfortable with the arrangement.

A heated argument ensued between the couple and crew members, culminating in the couple being removed from the aircraft. The couple alleges that they were then told that they would be fined for interfering with a child’s travel and could face jail time.

After being removed from the aircraft, the couple filed a complaint with JetBlue alleging discrimination based on age and disability.

The story has prompted outrage among many online users who accuse JetBlue of discriminating against older adults and people with disabilities. Some have even gone so far as to call for a boycott of the airline.

While it is unclear what ultimately occurred on this particular JetBlue flight, it is clear that there are a number of complex issues at play when it comes to accommodating passengers with special needs. It will be interesting to see

woman gets kicked off plane

A ranty couple claimed that they were kicked off a JetBlue flight because the woman was breastfeeding.

The woman, who has not been identified, told reporters that she and her husband were traveling from Boston to San Juan, Puerto Rico, when they were asked to stop breastfeeding their child. She said that the captain threatened to remove them from the plane if they didn’t comply.
When the woman refused to stop breastfeeding, she said that the captain told her that “it is disruptive and dangerous to the rest of the passengers.” The couple was eventually removed from the plane and rebooked on a different one.

JetBlue released a statement saying that it is “committed to creating an environment where all customers feel comfortable flying with us.” But the woman says that she won’t be flying with JetBlue again.

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