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How to play gamzey to make money?

How to play gamzey to make money?

Fantasy cricket apps have been accepted with great enthusiasm in a cricket-crazy country like India. With a new app coming to the market every day, fantasy players have a lot of variety to browse through. Today we are going to audit another fantasy cricket app that came into the Indian market in 2019. How to play gamezy to make money?

The app is called Gamezy, which is a “trendy” fantasy app with lots of exciting new features. Allow us to see what Gamezy is all about and how close it can be to popular fantasy apps like Dream11, My11Circle, MPL, and more. To learn more about the Satta king game then click here. Let’s know How to play gamezy to make money?

What is a Gamezy Fantasy app?

The app, like other fantasy sports apps, allows you to create your own virtual team consisting of real players and compete based on their performance in a real cricket match. Simply choose an upcoming match, create a playing 11, and earn points based on how the chosen players act in the actual match.

Gamezy started operations in 2019 and is claimed by Gamescraft, an online game advancement firm based in Bangalore. The app is built around and speaks volumes of professionalism. The UI is easy to use and exceptionally welcoming to other clients.

Gamezy Brand Ambassador

Indian cricketer KL Rahul is the brand ambassador of Gamezy app. You can see him in the advertisements for Gamezi during IPL 2020 where he talks about Gamezi as “new-age fantasy cricket” (translation: another type of fantasy cricket) because Gamezi supports second innings matches, Which we will talk about later. Region.

Is Gamezy safe?

Gamezy is a secure app. It is an individual of FIFS (Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports), a statutory body in India that regulates fantasy sports and ensures quality standards. Gamezy is also SSL-secured.

Is Gamezy legal?

Gamezy is completely legal and follows government guidelines and laws regarding fantasy sports in India. Since gaming fantasy is a game of “expertise” and not a game of “karma”, playing fantasy games is 100 percent legal in India, according to a Supreme Court ruling. However, if you live in the state of Telangana, Assam, Orissa, or Nagaland, you are not allowed to play cash challenges on GameZee as the law does not allow customers from this state to do cash challenges on fantasy apps. These states offer no payment challenges on fantasy sports apps like Dream11, MPL, and others.

How to Download Gamezy App for Android

Since the Google Playstore and Apple App Store do not allow fantasy apps on their platforms, apps such as Gamezy are not available on the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store.

In this way to download Gamezy app apk one has to visit their official site

Downloading the Gamezy app for Android leads to:

Visit Gamezy

Click “OK” when the alert springs up.

Once instigated, click on Settings.

Click the “Enable obscure sources” option.

Click on Install.

Downloading the Gamezy app for iOS leads on:

Search Gamezy in the search bar.

Download and install the app.

Since you have installed the app on your smartphone, now is the ideal time to open the app and learn how to play the game.

How to Play Gamezy Live Fantasy Cricket

Gamezy allows you to choose 11 players that you think will perform best in a live match and let your imagination play 11.

When the match starts, you collect points based on the player’s actual performance during the live match.

This is how you can play Gamezy Live Fantasy Cricket in 4 easy advances:

pick a match

build your team

Join the challenge of your decision

follow the match

1. Select a Match

Whenever you have signed in to the app, you will be given a list of upcoming cricket 

2. Create your Fantasy Team

Whenever you have selected the match you want to play, now is the ideal time to choose to play 11 between 2 teams.

Each customer has a financial plan of 100 credits to “buy” players for their fantasy team. 

Whenever you have selected your playing 11, you will have to choose a captain and a vice-captain of your fantasy team.

Make sure you choose your captain and bad habit captain carefully as the captain will get twice the points (2X) and the vice-captain will get 1.5X points in each match.

3. Join a Contest

After building your team, you can join a variety of challenges with cash (head-to-head, short, safe, winner takes, and so forth), free, or private challenges. Each cash challenge requires a passage spend to join. After clicking on any challenge the prize analysis for each challenge can be seen.

4. Follow the Match

Now is the right time to stop for a moment and participate in the live match. As your players score in a live match, your GameZee Team score will be updated in real-time. When the match is over, your team’s final score and rank will appear on the leaderboard.


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