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Marathi Whatsapp Group Link 2022/2023 : Join group chat

Marathi Whatsapp Group Link

Marathi Whatsapp Group Link

Marathi Whatsapp Group Links 2022: Join the group chat

We have created this group for Marathi people, who love the language and culture. It’s not only about sharing Marathi content but also making friendship with other Marathis from all over the world. So, join our group and meet your old friends through this group.

Marathi Whatsapp Group Link 2022: Join the group chat

  • Marathi Whatsapp Group Link 2022: Join the group chat
  • Marathi Whatsapp Group Link 2022: Join the group chat
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Join the below group to get the latest update and more features.

You can join the below group to get the latest updates and more features.

  • You can get information regarding Marathi WhatsApp Group Link 2022
  • You can join this group by clicking on the link given below
  • This is a private group with only one administrator who has the right to accept or reject members’ requests.
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  • मराठा मित्र मंडळ
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Rules For Marathi Whatsapp Group Links

  • Make sure you are joining the right group.
  • Do not share any links or videos containing adult content.
  • Don’t send any spam links or attachments to the group members.
  • Avoid posting illegal content in any form on this group.
  • Do not change the name and icon of this group without permission from the admin of this Marathi WhatsApp Group Link 2022.
  • This is a family group where everyone is welcome to join, so please follow the rules properly and don’t start fighting over religious issues, politics, etc., because we want everyone to join our family so please behave like a good citizen by respecting others’ opinions as well!

No Adult Content.

There are rules and regulations for the group, so please read them carefully before joining.

No Adult Content.

No Pornographic Content.

No Illegal Content.

No Spamming.

Spam Links Are Not Allowed.

We have a strict policy against spam in our groups. Spamming is the act of posting links that are irrelevant to the topic or content of your group chat. Any member found to be spamming will be banned from the group immediately and their posts removed.

No Illegal Contents.

  • No Illegal Contents.
  • No Illegal Links.
  • No Illegal Videos.
  • No Illegal Images.
  • No Illegal Audio.
  • No Illegal Downloads.
  • No Illegal Software.
  • No Illegal Apps.

Do Not Change The Group Name And Icon.

Do Not Change The Group Name And Icon.

  • Do Not Change The Group Name And Icon.
  • Do Not Change The Group Name And Icon.
  • Do not change the group name and icon, or else you will be kicked out of the group immediately because this is the rule of every group and all members must follow it without fail!

This Is A Family Group, Don’t Fight On Religious Issues, Politics Etc.

This is a family group, don’t fight on religious or political issues.

This group is for learning the Marathi language and making friends with people who are interested in learning the Marathi language. So please do not post any content which will hurt the feelings of others or the group.

Give Respect And Take Respect From The Group Members.

It’s a group chat, and it is quite natural that we all have different views. It may be political, religious, or any other topic. At the same time, you should respect each other in the same way that you want others to respect you.

If anyone starts arguing with you on any issue or starts abusing others, then immediately report this person to the admin or moderator. You can also report it directly from your phone by clicking the *Report* icon which is shown below every comment box in our app. Our admin team will take necessary action against it within 24 hours of receiving your complaint in the best possible way possible…

Join Marathi Whatsapp groups via the link

You can join Marathi WhatsApp groups via the link, which is given below. You can find this page by searching on Google or typing “Marathi Whatsapp Group Link”.

Join the group to get the latest updates and news about your language.


I hope you will join this group.

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