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Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

dental implants

Do you want to replace your teeth with something effective which is also worth it?

If yes. Then what are you planning to do? I suggest you opt for dental implant treatment, one of the best tooth replacement techniques.

But what is it, you might be wondering. The answer to this is in this article, where I have detailedly explained the dental implant treatment. Read the article till the end to learn more about the treatment.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a procedure in dentistry that deals with the replacement of damaged tooth roots with implants usually made up of titanium. It is placed into your jawbone to make it stable and stiff to help you carry out your daily tasks with no difficulty.

These help you carry out your daily tasks like eating and speaking with no difficulty. Dental implants look and feel just like a natural tooth, which isn’t permanent but a long-lasting treatment lasting up to around 10-15 years. Visit the best dental clinic in Chennai for a better experience.

What makes you a suitable candidate for dental implants?

Some suitable candidates for dental implants are;

Adequate Jaw Bone:

The primary thing that makes you a good candidate for dental implant treatment is adequate jaw bone density. Without adequate jaw bone density, you cannot further proceed with the dental implant treatment as it may increase the complications, and there are also chances it might fail.

Good Oral Health:

Good oral health is also necessary for undergoing dental implant treatment. It is because people with poor oral health may not be good may not be able to tolerate or undergo the treatment. Therefore, good oral health is also a necessary aspect of undergoing treatment.

Oral Hygiene:

Whatever the dental treatment you undergo, oral hygiene is a must to help the treatment to stay for a longer time. Therefore taking care of your oral hygiene is also one of the important factors that makes you a perfect candidate for dental implants.

Certain habits:

If you are prone to certain habits like grinding and clenching your teeth, you may be advised to stay away from dental implant, as it is said to destroy the life of the implants. Additionally, addiction to certain habits like tobacco is dangerous and not good for your teeth.

Mention some Pros and Cons of the Dental Implants.

Some pros and cons of dental implants are;

pros and cons of dental implants


Depicts natural teeth:

Dental implants are just like natural teeth and function just like natural ones. It might be difficult to determine whether the teeth are natural or artificial; therefore, replacing your teeth with dental implants is just as easy as natural teeth.

Improves appearance:

Even a single missing tooth can impact your appearance in a great way. Therefore filling the gap between your teeth can improve your appearance in a great way. Thus dental implants are also known for improving your appearance.

Eating Easier:

The dental implant treatment makes eating easy and convenient, just like natural teeth. Now you don’t need to fear the foods that could get stuck between your teeth. Eating is made easy with dental implants, just like natural teeth.


Regarding the durability factor, dental implants can easily last up to some 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance. Whereas in rare cases, a dental implant has also proven their durability for up to a lifetime for many patients.

Convinient and comfortable:

Dental implants are convenient and comfortable after being placed in your teeth. They do not broke or become brittle easily at times, even after applying some force to the implants after eating. They are also comfortable and convenient in your mouth as they won’t make you feel just like natural teeth.



The dental implant cost might get out of your budget as they may require additional costs like the placement of the crown, insurance of the implants, and more. Thus it is one of the drawbacks of a dental implants.

Crown Fracture:

It is one of the most reported disadvantages of dental implants. In many cases, the dental implant treatment gets fractured due to the high pressure applied to the implants while eating and chewing your food. Therefore treating you with a dental implant is also associated with the risk to the crown.

Implant Failure:

As the dental implant is a surgical procedure, there are chances that it might fail, and it occurs only in rare cases, but dental implants have proven successful in most cases.

Frequently Asked Questions about What are Dental Implants:

Is the dental implant painful?

The dental implant treatment isn’t painful. With local anesthesia, the dentists perform the treatment so that the patients do not feel even mild pain after the treatment. It makes the dental implant treatment a preferable one among other dental treatments.

What is the average time taken by the dental implant at the dentist?

The average time taken by the dentist at the dental clinic is around 1-2 hours at the dental clinic. Mostly, the procedure gets over in a single appointment; only in rare cases, the treatment might get extended for some time in some cases.

How soon after the tooth extraction can one opt for the dental implant?

At least you must take some 2-3 months of the gap in between after the tooth extraction to proceed further with the dental implants.

I hope you find the article helpful. You can share your suggestions below here.

Thanks for reading!

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