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Using desk booking software has five major benefits

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Using desk booking software has five major benefits

Individual workers also benefit from desk booking, not just the organisation as a whole. Check out these 5 reasons why desk booking is a good idea.

1. Utilisation increases

Are there any empty seats in your office right now? Approximately 38% of office desks are unused, according to our research. Take a moment to consider this – how often are you sitting at your desk at work? Meetings, working from home, lunchtimes, and break out spaces probably mean you don’t sit there as often as you might think. When you multiply that across your entire organisation, you can start to see just how much space is left unused.

You can use desk booking to find out how much space is unused, and devise a new plan for it.

2. Productivity gains

Almost all of us have been in an office and spent a good few minutes looking for a free desk. If someone is out for the day or on vacation, you may settle in a seat – but once they return, you will have to start looking again. A workplace that allows people to come in, sit down, and get started right away will increase productivity.

People may want to collaborate with certain teams or individuals on certain projects, so letting them select their desk will make collaboration easier and meetings can be avoided.

As noise disruptions in the office increase and agile working becomes more important, providing employees with the workspaces they need and giving them the flexibility to choose where they work is crucial.

3. Cost reductions

There is generally a low desk utilisation rate in offices, which leads to a lot of unused space and resources. Space isn’t just taken up by desks, your business is also paying for space. ft., a computer, a chair, cabling, lighting, a phone, etc. Think of that cost floating above those empty desks, and how it could be used better when you see those empty desks around you.

By ensuring you have the right amount of desks and resources, desk booking software can help you reduce wasted costs.

4. Work Flexibility is encouraged

People work differently, so it’s important to provide workspaces and flexible working policies that suit their preferences. While millennials tend to be more open-minded about working in different areas, you cannot forget about the other generations in your organisation – they are even more important. It’s easy for people to become demotivated and frustrated without the right working environment.

You can identify your different workers and provide flexible solutions for those who need them with desk booking software. It is important to give your workforce options both at work and outside the office.

5. Reduce your sensitivity to change

You give yourself good foundations for future change if you implement hot desks and install desk booking software. When you use hot desking, you don’t calculate one desk per employee, so when you scale up or down, you don’t need another lease.


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1 Comment

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