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Working With Book Cover Designer | Guide

book cover designer

When people say, “Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover,” it may make sense symbolically, but it doesn’t make sense literally. A book is judged by its cover.

The first thing a reader notice is the book cover. You may not be able to capture the type of attention you want for your book if you do not design a cover that portrays the real plot of the book.

Designing a book cover for your own book after spending sleepless hours writing it may seem scary if you are self-publishing.

Hiring a competent book cover designer can help you maximize the potential of your book. Hire someone who can graphically present the substance of your book to your audience.

Working with a book cover designer might be challenging since things operate differently in the creative sector.

Working with someone you have never met before may be tough for you, especially if you are new to book writing. It may be challenging to communicate your desires to the designer.

Here are a few pointers to help you through the process of working with a book cover designer.

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book cover design

Before you begin the actual work, discuss the cost.

If you bring up the price right away, it may appear extremely plain and cocky, but that is how the market works. Discussing your pricing early on can give you an idea of what to expect. Keep in mind that various genres may have varying costs.

A book cover for a sci-fi novel, for example, may cost more than other genres since it may need inventing specific sci-fi characters and animals, as well as vibrant movement and colours. Before beginning the real job, it is critical to discuss everything with the designer.

If you are new to book writing, do your homework before hiring someone so that you can work with them in the long term.

Hire a book cover designer that specializes in your field and has received positive feedback from other authors.

Look up as many examples of book covers as you can.

It is critical to conduct a study so that you have as many possibilities as possible. Explaining what sort of cover you want may be difficult if you are not an expressive person. This is when your book cover examples will come in handy.

Book cover designers are specialists at their craft. If you show them an example, they will be able to predict the precise design you want.

It is obvious that a designer would not read your book to grasp exactly what you want. To comprehend, you must provide them with the whole picture. Highlight the most crucial aspects of your book. For instance, the atmosphere, subject, color combinations, typeface, size, title, and so on.

Look for novels with comparable genres and stories to yours and draw inspiration from them. If you’re still unsure about how you want your cover to look, offer the designer as many samples as you can so they can have a sense of where to start.

Respect Your Book Cover Designer Ideas

Your designer may create many book designs with comparable features but different viewpoints. Some may have distinct motions, typefaces, or be adjusted in other ways.

It might be tough to pick the final cover you want, but it is critical to appreciate the designer’s understanding of all design components. Designers are subject matter experts who may know more than you do.

It never hurts to take a few recommendations. Designers understand what draws a person’s attention when they look at a certain picture or graphic, thus allowing your designers to have a voice will really help you.

book cover design ideas

Make it more specific.

Give your book cover designer honest input after the early concepts are completed. Giving honest critique does not need to be impolite.

Give them honest feedback on what you like and dislike about the book, as well as what you would alter.

You may mention something like, “I love the colors, but would it look better if we made the lettering a bit bigger?” or “You did an excellent job with the illustration, but we can improve it by adding XYZ.”

Be very explicit about the modifications you require so that your designer does not have to make adjustments again and over.

Take Advice From Family And Friends.

If your designer has provided you with several possibilities, do not select the one you desire straight immediately. It is critical to solicit opinions from others initially.

Because you are the author, whether you are happy with the book cover or not is irrelevant.

Get comments from your friends and family and ask which one they think would look best. It is usually important to gather varied opinions from people because they are part of the audience. Ask as many people as possible before making your ultimate selection.

You have a huge advantage if you self-publish your book! People who have ownership over their books may quickly modify their covers if they believe that sales are not taking off as they should.

It is never too late to make difference.