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How Can I Become a Collector for DOT Drug Testing?

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According to DOT rules, you must additionally pass a supervised competency demonstration and complete a qualifying training program. There is no “grandfather” provision or exemption from this obligation, do take note. The eligibility of drug testing collectors follows them wherever DOT Agency-regulated urine specimens are collected; it is not site- or location-specific.

Qualified DNA testing laboratories are not obliged to register with the government or be on any lists it sponsors or maintains. Still, they must keep records of their training and competency demonstration requirements for the government to check them.

Training for Qualifications:

  • Understanding of drug sample collecting practices,
  • Every step required to carry out an appropriate collection,
  • Information regarding fatal and remediable errors in collections and collection documentation.

Anyone can deliver the above-described qualifying training.

What Should the Collector Proficiency Demonstration Cover, and who Should Lead it?

The aspiring collector must perform five consecutive error-free mock collections under the close supervision of a competent monitor following the successful completion of the certification training program.

In writing, this individual must also confirm that the mock collections were free of mistakes.

What Type of Records Must I Maintain to Prove My Qualifications?

However, collectors must be ready to prove their eligibility to collect DOT specimens to DOT Agency inspectors and employers. And authorized service agents (such as C/TPAs) who may hire them.

Upon request, you must be ready to give the Federal Inspector the information. They need to know that you ultimately complied with the regulation’s training. And competency demonstration criteria. Examples might include letters from the competent trainer or observer confirming your attendance and practical completion of the course or training completion certificates.

Do I need to Take a Refresher Course?

Yes. Each competent collector who wishes to continue collecting DOT specimens must complete refresher training every five (5) years. The refresher training’s subject matter must be comparable to or identical to your first instruction and competency demonstration.

Does DOT Provide Training for Collectors?

The DOT does not provide collector training or keep a roster of accredited trainers or training programs, nor does it endorse, accredit, or certify any organization’s or entity’s training initiatives.

Collection sites can hire a third party (such as a professional training agency) to conduct their training or conduct it themselves. Similarly, You can use the internet, the yellow pages, or industry groups and organizations to discover such a training service.

I’m Qualified, but How Can I Obtain Work?

A commercial choice was made to become a collector. An intelligent location to start looking for clients subject to DOT regulation is at transportation trade fairs, online, or in your neighborhood yellow pages.

Bottom Line

You may access the portions of samples provided for drug testing that deal with collectors and collecting techniques directly from the main page by clicking on the “Urine Collection Personnel” link.

Furthermore, You may find links on the main page that will take you to information and papers on all facets of samples obtained for drug testing and the DOT Agency rules. The government does not require qualified collectors to register with it or be included on any sponsored or maintained lists. However, they must keep records of their training and qualification standards so that the government may verify them.

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