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First of all welcome all friends to this platform.  My name is Aqib Shahzad.  I have been interested in creating a blog since 2015. After that I created and sold many websites but now in 2022 I created this blog.

The main purpose of this blog is to give good information to the people like students have a lot of problems. They face a lot of problems in college so I am telling the solution of all these problems in this blog.  And within this website I will write a very informative article on each category and present good information to you.

Some Interesting Facts About Me

I was very interested in making money and that is why I have added the category of save money in this blog.

I was very fond of blogging and had a passion for running a blog, so now in 2022 I will be called a blogging expert and I am also a blogging teacher I mean now I also give a blogging course.. And I am Also A FREELANCER.
I am from Pakistan and my city Name Lahore.

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