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Good Girl Perfume Dossier.co Review

by Hamza

A fragrance company called Good Girl Perfume was investigated in 2018. The investigation revealed that the company had been employing people illegally, and they were also abusing subcontractors.

They were accused of using unfair practices and underpaying wages. In addition, it emerged that the owners of the firm used to run a similar business which was selling perfumes in Russia.

In 2017, this business went bankrupt after it was fined £17.25 million for operating an unlicensed import operation. It is believed that the owners decided to create a new business and rebrand it so that they could continue to use the same products, but sell them to UK retailers.

The business set up shop in Hutton Garden, London. However, when the owner started advertising on social media, he or she gave away his or her location as being in South Kensington.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Carolina Herrera is a Spanish fashion designer who was born in Madrid on April 13, 1957. She grew up surrounded by art, music, and literature; this made a big impact on her life. juicy couture perfume

Her mother, Dolores, is an artist herself. Her father, José María Herrera, worked for the Spanish Ministry of Education. He also wrote several books. This gave his daughter access to all kinds of creative writing and literary material. lancome perfume

As she grew older, Herrera began to show a strong interest in the arts. At age 17, she enrolled in the Escuela de Bellas Artes (School of Fine Arts) in Madrid. After graduating, she studied at the Institute Superior de Arte y Design in Barcelona, where she graduated with a degree in fashion design.  baccarat perfume

In 1985, Herrera opened her own clothing company, Carolina Herrera. The brand quickly became known for its beautiful designs, and it continues to be popular today. burberry her perfume

The name of the company comes from the first two letters of the last names of both of Herrera’s parents. It was named after them, but since they were married, they decided that their last names should go together.  Chloe Perfume

Narciso Rodriguez for Her

Narciso Rodriguez is one of the most successful perfumes designers in the world today. He was born on June 30, 1965, in Madrid, Spain, but he moved to New York City at age five. His mother, a costume designer, encouraged him to become interested in fashion. At the age of 18, he became the youngest person ever hired by Calvin Klein. fenty perfume

He went on to create his own line of fragrances, and the first fragrance that came from it was named “Narciso.” The name refers to the Spanish word for “narcissistic.” However, the brand has since changed its name several times. It is now known as “NARCISO RODRIGUEZ FOR HER,” and the scent that comes with this new label is a floral-oriental blend of rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, musk, sandalwood, ambergris, vanilla, patchouli, and oakmoss. alien perfume

In 2008, he launched another collection called “Girl Perfume” (also called Girl). This is a fruity, fresh, citrusy scent. It features notes of grapefruit, lemon, lime, mandarin, and bergamot. rihanna perfume

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne is a famous French perfumer who created the iconic scent “Lady Million.” He was born in Paris, France in 1930. His first job as a chemist was at Par fums Christian Dior where he worked from 1952-1957. After that, he left to form his own company named Paco Rabanne in 1957.  Bvlgari Perfume

He started working on scents and creating fragrances in 1962. Today, he is still making and selling the same classic scents that made him famous. The most popular fragrance of all time is “Lady Million” and it’s been worn by many women including celebrities like Beyoncé, Madonna, and Rihanna.  Prada Candy Perfume

In 2012, the brand launched its new collection titled Girl. This new line features three different collections; Girl, Girl Blush, and Girl Couture. Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume

The new collection is inspired by a girl’s life stage: preteen, teen, and adult. Each collection has eight unique scents that are designed to match each age.  Kilian Perfume

It also comes with a special bottle shaped like a heart. Inside the bottle is a small white candle that smells just like the original Lady Million. Ariana Grande Perfumes And Colognes


The original Lady Million fragrance was launched in 1998, with an updated version released the following year. It became so popular that a third iteration has been created – a more sophisticated and refined scent called Lady Million Noir. It’s still available at high-end department stores and specialty boutiques around the globe. Its success can also be attributed to the fact that it offers something entirely different from other perfume brands on the market, both in terms of design and ingredients. This unique formula combines two contrasting facets: freshness and dryness.

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