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How to Engage Your Audience with Videos

by Mehmood Ali

How many pictures or articles can you name regarding a brand? Probably very few.

How many videos can you recall about certain brands that provided advertisements based on visual journeys? Probably a greater number.

It’s not because the pictures are poorly captured or edited, nor is it because the articles are not well written. It’s just a preference that has erupted following the onslaught of digital media. Concentration spans are decreasing whilst reading is becoming more and more uncommon. It’s no one’s fault, but time and age are changing, so we need to pace up and keep on track.

Before you make a video, you should know exactly what you want with it and how you want to take it up, which basically means, there needs to be a storyline that you follow, which is impactful in the context of your brand. For example, XIAOMI is known for making advertisements that grow viral, due to their relevance and simplistic, yet interesting storylines.

It’s very important to know your audience and the trigger factors that may allow the audience to connect on a deeper level. This allows you to gain loyal customers, who will not just watch these videos but will also help spread the word. People tend to share videos that resonate with them on a more personal level, and with that comes a greater number of viewers and a rising level of customers.

A lot of times, videos are stretched far too long, where the content either grows repetitive or incredibly boring. It’s very important to keep the viewer hooked to their screen because the impact fully substantiates when the viewer reaches the end of the video. Similarly, it’s important to keep in mind the fact that very complex matter or content may not translate effectively to the audience. Not everyone is a college or high school graduate, neither is your entire audience educated, some may be tuning in through local channels, which run in between television shows. For example advertisement for Pinpack.pk in Pakistan is available to all kinds of audiences, both in the rural and urban sectors. In this case, if the content is very intellectually complicated, the message may not come across, so it’s important to keep it very simple and transmittable.

Video Features

Your video needs to be dynamic. A static video will not hold the viewers’ attention, it will not only bore them but will automatically put them off regarding your brand. When it is said, the first impression is the last impression, it holds true. Think of all those brands with awful advertisement videos that enticed you into becoming their customer, then think of all those other brands with products that you probably did not need, but still purchased because of how visually stimulating their videos were. The former may well not exist.

In the same essence, the production quality needs to be top-notch, and this can only be done so with the right equipment. Don’t hesitate when spending a large chunk of dollars on video-making equipment, because it will help you in the long run. Take it as a long-term investment, you spend today to reap the benefit tomorrow. The technical side should never be compromised. Hire creatively enticing individuals who can make your video pop out amongst all the others. With that, add humor, compassion, and empathy to your content.

A video acts as a platform that you provide to encourage healthy debate. You can use it to present a particular topic to discuss. If there is a clear bias in sight, viewers will automatically be discouraged but if the video pitches a logical, sane piece on the entire scenario, it can help you create a narrative for the public. Choosing the right side is very important so research to the maximum. Read your books, watch your videos, listen to relevant podcasts, and make sure you know the subject in and out, only then should you come out and make such a huge statement. It’s very important not to mislead your audience because once they catch onto your deception, their support will dissipate instantly. Rather, they will badmouth you at every nook and corner, and you cannot say you didn’t deserve it.

Be true to your audience, because they will hold your dishonesty to account. Do not be deceitful, or spiteful. Think of all those times you were deceived into believing something completely opposite to that which was displayed. How did you feel? Was it justifiable? The answer is NO and that is because you are never allowed to toy with your audience’s feelings so when making a video, always remember, that your audience is what will help you grow, so be faithful to them and they will, in turn, steer your development journey to success.

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