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Impact of Games on Student Health

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Students love to play sports, both indoor and outdoor. However, one more genre lies in sports, e-sports, or simply video games. Video games are famous for the catchiest addiction among students. Most students reportedly spend ten hours playing games without taking a break. They even skip their online classes and assignments just to play games. Afterward, they wonder whether they can get Online Exam Help Service to understand the concept they skipped for the sake of gaming. As computer games do not require physical effort or stamina, people can easily spend hours playing.

However, gaming has some severe impacts on student health. In this post, we will discuss the impact of games on student health. I believe you are one of those students who are addicted to video games. Perhaps you want to get rid of this addiction, which is why you are here to know the impact of games on student health.

Impact of Video Games on Student Health

Although, there is no wrong with playing video games. Many nations consider video gaming sports, which we call electronic sports or e-sports. Even more, e-sports might take part in the Olympics games of 2024, according to some reports. So you might be thinking about what could go wrong with students who play video games. Well, gaming ruins their health if they do excessively that is most likely among students. Just like any other thing, video games also put negative impacts on student health if they spend limitless time on them.

If you are curious to know what impacts gaming leaves on student health, this article can help you find the answers you are looking for. You will get both positive and negative impacts of gaming on student health below. This way, you can understand how many hours you should play games to keep yourself healthy and when to avoid gaming. So read attentively and understand how games may or may not be beneficial for students.

Excessive Gaming Can Ruin Student Physique

Once you start playing video games, it is undeniably hard to resist. Most students start by playing games just for half an hour a day and end up spending half of their day on it. They do not devote time to anything but gaming. As a gamer does not move an inch while playing video games, it impacts negatively on their physique. Most students complain they developed body aches at a young age. When the physicians asked about their routine, they got to know about excessive gaming. It means nonstop gaming led them to body pain and poor physique.

Most students who play games do not think of maintaining their health. They only want to level up and be better in video games to prove themselves. On the other hand, this process develops various physical problems in students’ bodies, which show up later. These problems can be both short and long-term, and can ruin students’ health and academic performance.

Therefore, if you are having body aches and poor academic grades, the first thing you should reconsider is your gaming hours. I believe you also spend hours playing games, which is why these issues are rising. So if you want to save yourself from a poor physique, limit playing games.

Mental Disorders

One of the biggest impacts of gaming on student health is mental disorders. Nearly every gamer gets mental disorders with themselves after some months of gaming. Why does this happen? Because most students spend an excessive amount of time playing video games. They do not sleep properly and timely. So when their brain does not get adequate rest, they start having mental disorders.

If you want to know what mental disorders can occur from games, know that there are many. The most common one is sleep deprivation, following anger issues. Yes, students who play games reportedly get angry quick. Although, the real cause behind their anger is not gaming but lack of sleep. When the brain does not get enough rest, the person gets angry and tired for no reason.

Poor Eyesight

One of the most common issues among gamers is poor eyesight. When you stare at a computer screen for nearly the whole day, this is what you get in return. Poor eyesight issue is becoming common among young students these days. Academic researchers blame smartphones, computers, and laptops for the cause of it. Not that only, they believe video games play a vital role in ruining students’ vision.

Many studies show that most students with poor eyesight play video games. Thus, it is simple to understand why their eyesight is weak due to excessive screen time. Plus, to make the environment more playful, many students turn off the lights of their room, and the only light they focus on is their monitor. It is even harmful to their eyes.

Obesity and Overweight

There is no doubt you gain weight when you do nothing but sit all day, eat, and play games. That is what most students these days do with their lives. Yes, excessive gaming can lead to obesity due to lack of physical activity in gamers. Therefore, the time students should spend going out and exercising, they spend playing games. This way, their bodies gain weight and start catching muscles and skin disorders.

Video Games Enhance Cognitive Skills

Every student’s reading, writing, listening, memorizing, and focusing abilities are different. These things belong to the cognitive skills domain. Luckily, video games do not only ruin student health. This time, video games enhance the cognitive skills of students. Many academic researchers believe that gaming improves the ability to take incoming information and memorize the knowledge we use daily at school. It means students who play games have higher cognitive skills than an average student who does not play.


I believe you understand the impact of video games on student health. Therefore, if you are a gamer, you know what to do next. So whether you skip online classes and wonder to get Online Course Help Services, it is up to you. Anyway, we have done our work to help you understand the impact of gaming on student health, both positively and negatively.

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