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Make A DYI Rainbow glasses

by Mehmood Ali

Some time back, a photographic artist companion of mine made a truly flawless Do-It-Yourself rainbow light channel utilizing diffraction glasses, and I needed to check it out myself with the goal that I could show you how. You will scarcely believe, that making this little rainbow channel and shooting with it has been such a lot of tomfoolery.


To begin with, you will require a couple of diffraction rainbow glasses and a focal point channel that you wouldn’t fret about putting a tad of tape on the edges.


The diffraction glasses that I requested are modest and wobbly, which is precisely the exact thing you need! You need to have the option to slice them separately to fit them onto your focal point channel. The more pleasant ones with genuine focal points and strong casings aren’t as effectively applied to your focal point channel. Here is a connection to the benevolent I utilized: 5 PackĀ  Diffraction Glasses on Amazon.


Thus, request the 5 pack with the goal that you can involve a couple for focal point channel purposes, and give the rest to the children – everybody wins!


Then, you’ll require a focal point channel that you wouldn’t fret about applying tape to the edges – this is an extraordinary opportunity to utilize one of those truly modest UV channels that accompanied your camera as well as the focal point bundle! For this situation, I utilized a warming channel that I haven’t utilized in a very long time.


At the point when you wear the glasses, you’ll see a wide range of perfect rainbow starbursts when you check a light source out. Here, you can kind of see the rainbow impact:

Do-It-Yourself Rainbow Glasses

There is continuously something so fun about making and wearing amusing glasses. We’ve made beast glasses previously, and had a good time finishing glasses in senseless ways. This is dependably a hit in our home and is a fast and simple art thought.


Recently we chose to make our own rainbow glasses. This was another simple thought and it gives a great method for investigating tones.


These are really modest and make the art more enduring and solid than if you utilize cardboard to make your own glasses. In the event that you don’t have froth glasses to hand, however, you can attempt with cardboard they could possibly not keep going as long.


In the event that you really want a rainbow glasses layout, you could attempt these free printable glasses formats from Picklebums which gives maybe a couple of fun styles to look over.

Notwithstanding the glasses, to make the Do-It-Yourself rainbow vision glasses you will require:

Step-by-step instructions to make Do-It-Yourself rainbow vision glasses


  • Cut two circles of contact paper/tacky back plastic to measure for each eye
  • Stick these into each eye place, stick side confronting outwards
  • Allow the children to stick down diverse bits of cellophane onto the tacky surface in each eye place.


  • They can investigate variety blending by putting various varieties over one another, and utilize their innovativeness to make fun and bright plans.


  • Assuming that you have an overabundance of cellophane on the eye board after they have gotten done, then trim and push the edges back under the edge of the glasses.
  • It’s a very much like method to making this cellophane paper plate suncatcher simply in a more modest space.


  • When the glasses are done, children can have a great time wearing them and going around seeing things in various varieties

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