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Wedding Cakes For Your Special Day

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With so many factors to consider, there are various options when selecting your wedding cake style. From a more straightforward rustic naked cake to a lavish 4 or 5-tier cake decorated with hundreds of sugar flowers, it only makes sense that the final cost will depend on several factors and the cake’s size.

The cost will also depend on the cake artist’s location, level of training, and experience. Buy Chocolate Truffle Cake as one of the most exciting aspects of arranging a wedding is selecting the wedding cake. Creating, selecting, and of course, tasting! However, how much does a wedding cake cost?

Have A Glance At the Following Trendy Cakes Varieties

Cheese Cake

If breaking tradition comes naturally to you and your partner, this gorgeous style will have you doing it in a chic way. Bring savory into the sweet world and reinvent dessert. The pièce de résistance for couples who aren’t big on sweets is a tower of brie, camembert, and cheddar a combination of hard and soft cheeses accompanied by fruits like figs and grapes.

Carrot Cakes

You can layer this cake’s soft, nutty tiers for whatever number of guests. This is a great choice for fall weddings because it has overtones of cream cheese icing and cinnamon. Add festive decorations like candy sunflowers, pumpkins, or black-eyed Susans. As an alternative, include fondant flowers to coordinate with your floral arrangements. Interestingly, many couples also decide to make a naked carrot cake. Cake layers shine through. The reason for the cake’s shine is its thin covering of frosting.

Fresh Fruit Cake

Wedding Cakes consist of two or three cake tiers covered in buttercream frosting. You can add fresh apricots, figs, and foliage to each layer. This gives an outdoor wedding the ideal appearance. Of course, you could use your preferred candy instead of fruits. For instance, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries are also favorites of many couples. Additionally, you can inquire about peaches and other in-season choices.

Geode Cake

Wedding cakes with geodes are prevalent. The geode forms found naturally are imitated by edible crystals made of rock candy or isomalt. The name “geode cake” refers to a special cake that includes other fascinating designs, layers, and features.

White Wedding Cake

A white wedding cake was highly desired because the tradition of having one began in Victorian times and was seen as a symbol of wealth and social prominence. Due to the high expense of sugar in the period, these cakes required the use of very fine sugar, as the lighter the cake seemed to guests, the wealthier the family appeared to be. Additionally, it symbolized the bride as the major focus of the ceremony. These cakes can be any color, although most couples continue to stick to the custom of serving a white cake.

Vanilla Cake

Plain vanilla is always a safe bet, and many couples are sticking with tradition by having vanilla Anniversary cakes this year. One of the simplest cakes, it may be made up in any way you choose with practically any frosting, filling, or fruit. It can be kept plain with vanilla frosting. If you’re planning to try anything that might not necessarily be a fan favorite, using a vanilla cake as a base is a wise compromise because it’s a fantastic base for more unusual and fascinating flavors.

Beach Cake

You personify the laid-back beach atmosphere and are the happiest lounging on the white sands, swimming in the salty water, or strolling along the boardwalk with the one you love. Whether it’s a destination wedding in the Islands, a wedding on a local beach, or a wedding at a sailing club, your wedding is the pinnacle of coastal style.

So it makes sense that your wedding colors, which include elements of oyster shell and blue, aqua, and turquoise, would be inspired by your love of the ocean. Your cake should coordinate, with touches of light blue painted to resemble water splashes, accents of silver leaf “foam,” and sea glass as the cake topper!

Maximalist Cake

With the maximalist wedding cake, more is more. Consider levels, vibrant colors, and a tonne of enjoyable decorative components. These might be molded into imaginative environments, such as mountains for a couple of rock climbing. Buy or Order Cake Online in Gurgaon as they might also be the centerpiece of the reception decor if they are stunning.

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