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What Are The Steps For Junk Car Removal For Cash?

by Hamza

Junk cars often tend to be abandoned in junkyards by previous owners, with many of them often being wrecked beyond repair and others often costing more to maintain due to incessant mechanical problems. However, a more practical solution is to look for junk car removal services online that are willing to take your scrapper and pay you a fair amount of money for it. 


Not everyone is experienced with how the entire process works, which is why we have opted to break down how you can quickly sell your junker in a matter of minutes and all from the comfort of your own home. 

#1. Find a Licensed Salvage Dealer


The first thing you need to do is go online and search for a licensed and reputable salvage dealer that can offer you good customer service and a fair amount of money for your salvaged car. A good example of such a service is USCarJunker, as the company comes with numerous customer testimonials that testify to the quality and professionalism of its service.

#2. Prepare All The Relevant Car Details


Once you are ready to sell your junk car, you will need to be prepared to provide as much information about the vehicle as possible, in order to expedite the selling process and ensure that you are receiving the best possible quote. In this respect, some of the details you will need to have ready include the car title, model, make, year, interior and exterior body condition, mileage, engine performance, etc. 


From there, you simply head to the company’s website and fill out the application form by including all the relevant details about the car. Once submitted, you can expect the company representatives to review the information and reach out to you by phone or email with an offer.


#3. Get a Quote for Your Salvage Vehicle


When it comes to junk cars, their value will usually vary depending on the model and condition of the car. And even if the vehicle is no longer able to run, a good number of salvage yards are more than willing to purchase it, as long as the vehicle’s parts are still in good condition. 


This means that the more complete and full of parts that the vehicle has, the better, as you can expect your quote to be higher in value compared to if it was being scrapped solely for the metal alone. However, an alternative option is to strip the car of any valuable components and sell them yourself separately. 


In most cases, you may be able to get a few extra dollars, rather than just handing it off to the company as a whole. For instance, you can sell new or expensive tires with a lot of tread by replacing them with balding tires, replacing the vehicle’s new battery with an old one, or even removing the stereo or GPS systems and reselling them.


#4. Organize a Pickup Time


If the quote is to your satisfaction, you can agree to it, and the company will dispatch a retrieval agent to arrange a pickup time and location, which can be from home, work, or a car repair shop of your choosing. Plus, the benefit of most junk car services is that they typically include free towing services as part of the package, with some even being able to pick up the vehicle within the same day or the next day.


#5. Complete The Paperwork Process


At this point, you will usually need to take the car off your car insurance policy, if it is still part of it. You will also need to transfer the car title to the salvage company, which will prevent any liability on your part, as without doing so, you will still be in legal possession of the vehicle. 


Also, depending on the state, you may require certain legal paperwork to scrap the entire body of the car, but in most cases, you can expect the company to provide you with those documents for you to sign. You will need to notify the DMV that you have sold your vehicle, which can be done by simply going online, visiting the nearest branch, or contacting them by phone. Do not forget to transfer the vehicle’s plates to your new car or remove them before you sell them to the junk removal company.


#6. Collect Payment


If you are selling your junk car to a reputable company, you can always expect them to pay you the agreed-upon quote, which will typically be in cash or by check. However, it is important that you remain wary of any junk car services that may attempt to renegotiate a lower deal at the time of pick-up. 


In such situations, it is often best to remain firm on the agreed-upon price, and if they are unwilling to accept that, do not hesitate to decline the offer and find yourself another company to sell your vehicle to.

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