Why graphic designers are in demand
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Why graphic designers are in demand?

by Aqib

Graphic designing is one of the most popular career choices for many people who want to start their own business in India. The professional demands are high and the industry is growing steadily. In fact, some feel that graphic designing is an Indian profession by nature because of the country’s rich history of calligraphy and painting. The design industry has grown so much with technology becoming more accessible, social media dominating, and freelancers offering a variety of diverse services on demand.

Graphic design has become extremely popular in recent years. There are many companies that are hiring graphic designers for their offices worldwide. They are getting top priority and huge pay for their services. Graphic design has become an essential part of every company and it helps people to understand their goals better. For example, a blog designer can make his blog look cute by adding nice graphics which will increase the value of his blog amongst his readers. These are some of the basic roles which can be performed by different types of graphic designers.

Industry outlook of graphic design in India

As India is the second largest country in the whole world. Hence, there is a huge untapped opportunity for graphic designers. Today’s technology is so sophisticated that people need a skilled designer to make their message clear. Graphic designers provide an integrated solution to clients. They can design websites and logos and make them look attractive by adding colors, fonts, and images while paying attention to the size and placement of each element on the page. A good graphic design can change the way a brand is perceived. It can make the message clear, engaging, and easily accessible to consumers.

The demand for graphic design in India has been increasing steadily over the past few years. Many people want a cute avatar for their profiles on social networking and image hosting sites or want their business website to be designed with vibrant and attractive graphics. The market for graphic designers in India offers immense potential for career growth in this sector but it would be better for designers to have a clear idea about the job opportunities that are available in their state or region.

The rates of graphic designers in India are different from state to state. Graphic designers earn an average monthly salary of 15,000 INR whereas their national income per person ranges between 10000-13000 INR. Although the salary prospect totally depends mainly on 2 things: I) Your experience ii) the skills you have.

Every year the number of graphic designers increases and the potential of this industry as well. If you plan to enter this field then better for you to decide where to take a plunge. There are still many job opportunities available in developed countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. You can also work in these foreign countries as there is a great demand for graphic designers.

What is graphic designing?

Graphical expression is a means of communication between people with the ability to make readers see and understand what is intended. It is one of the five basic elements to communicate a message. Graphic design has become an important digital medium nowadays, which can record or communicate ideas, passion, and imagination in form of artwork or digital media.

There are three major reasons why graphic designers are in demand in India.

  • First, the graphics industry is a growing field, and it is becoming more important to design all the important documentation, videos, photographs, etc. in a very appealing manner.
  • Second is the fact that business people are on a constant lookout for new ideas and designs that can showcase their products and services in an attractive format.
  • The third reason could be that professionals who have studied graphic design would want to continue working in their field or as freelancers. Business houses want to hire people who possess skills that are relevant and can be put to good use immediately.

What is the process of getting into this industry?

The best approach to developing the skills necessary for entering the field of graphic design is with the aid of graphic design courses. Several reputed institutes are there that are providing graphic designing courses in Kolkata. Developing your creative and software talents is crucial because this profession completely relies on them.

Final thought

The demand for graphic designers is increasing with time. These graphic designers work for companies that provide logos and other designs for websites, banners, and advertisement materials. They also design posters and advertisements for their clients. Graphic designers can also help in making menus, flyers, cards, banners, and signboards for offices or hotels where they work. These companies pay well in the market so it is a good career option for students who wish to do something creative and lucrative at the same time.

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