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How To Screen Record On Android With Sound

by Hamza


Screen recording is a great way to share your Android experience with others and it’s also a useful tool for developers. This guide will show you how to record audio from your device and upload it to YouTube or any other site.

How to do a screen record on Android with sound

To record a screencast, you’ll need to download the app. You can find it in the Play Store or by searching for “screen recorder” on your device’s app store. Once you’ve downloaded it, open up the app and tap on “Record.”

You’ll then be prompted to choose how much time you want to record for and what resolution (HD or SD) will be used. After this, hit Start Recording!

If you’re using an Android phone with at least 2GB of RAM, then I recommend setting both quality options as high as possible so that things run smoothly during playback later on down the road when editing files together with other apps like Photoshop CC 2018 for example…

How to screen record without background noise android

To record your screen with sound, you will need to make sure that your phone’s microphone is enabled. This can be done by opening up the “Settings” menu on your device and tapping on “Sound.” Then, from there, tap on “Microphone.” If you’re using Android 8 or higher, you’ll also want to enable “Background Audio Recording,” which allows for sound recording while viewing another application like YouTube or Netflix (you can see this in action below).

After enabling these settings, simply open up any video player app (like YouTube) and press record at any point while playing it—this will begin recording everything happening onscreen! While this may seem like overkill if all we want is a quick demonstration of how something works in real life without having another person around who might steal our thunder…it’s actually pretty useful when trying out new apps like Photoshop CC 2018 because we can learn about them without needing someone else present during testing time periods; if anything goes wrong then no harm done so long as we know what went wrong beforehand too 🙂

How to record mobile screen with audio

You can record mobile screen with audio or video. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Android phone’s settings and look for “Screen Recording”. Tap on it to open a new menu.
  • In this menu, you’ll see two options: “Record My Screen” and “Record Video”. Choose one of them depending on what kind of recording you want to create (audio/video). If you choose either method, make sure that both are selected before proceeding further into this guide!

How to record yourself and your screen at the same time android

How to record yourself and your screen at the same time android

To start recording on your Android, you need to go into Settings and click on the “Recording” option. You’ll see a list of options here that allow you to choose what kind of recording mode you want: Screen Recorder or Audio Recorder. We’re going to use the latter option because it lets us record both audio and video simultaneously.

How to record yourself and your screen

  • Download and install the Screen Recorder app on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Open the Screen Recorder app and select the “Start” button to start recording your screen and audio simultaneously!

How to record gameplay on android with sound

Here’s how to record gameplay on Android:

  • Open the phone’s Settings menu and select “Sound & notification.”
  • Scroll down to find Settings for “Audio output,” then tap it. You’ll see a list of audio options, including “Record sound,” which allows you to record sound from your device’s microphone (if present) or any other source that can be connected via USB or Bluetooth—like an external speaker system or your computer’s internal speakers.

If there is no option available under this heading, check out our guide on how to enable your device’s built-in mic here .

Why my screen recording doesnt have sound

  • Make sure you are recording the screen and not the microphone.
  • Make sure your phone is not muted, as this will cause issues with sound recording.
  • Check if your device has permissions for this feature. If it does not, then there may be an issue with audio capture on your phone which needs to be fixed before continuing with this process.

How to screen record with internal audi

You can record your screen with the internal audio by opening the Settings app and tapping on Sound. From there, select Screen Recordings and tap Record Audio.

If you prefer using other applications to record your screen, you can find detailed instructions here: How to Record Audio using a Third-Party Application

How to screen record a voicemail with sound

  • Screen record a voicemail with sound

To screen record a voicemail with sound, follow these steps:

  • Open your phone’s dialer and enter the number you want to call into. If it’s not a method that works for you, try calling your own number instead (if this is possible).
  • Press the call button if necessary and wait for someone to answer. As soon as they pick up, press “0” on their device (or whatever button they use to make calls) so that they hear an incoming alert tone signaling recording has begun; otherwise, there will be no indication that anything has changed until after you’ve made your recording!


In this article, we’ve discussed how to do a screen record on your Android device with sound. We’ll show you how to use an audio recorder app like RecordMyScreen or QuickTime Player. If you want more information on recording video and audio, check out our other articles on the subject here at Rookies Guide that teach you everything from basic tips and tricks through advanced techniques such as recording people speaking directly into your phone’s microphone!

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