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How To Screen Record On Xbox One

by Hamza


Screen recorder is a free program that lets you record your screen and save the video file onto your hard drive. It’s available for both Windows 10 and macOS. You can also use screen record on Xbox One X, but it requires an extra step.

How to screen record on Xbox one for YouTube

  • To start screen recording, follow these steps:
  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide and select “Set up your controller” from the menu.
  • Select “Settings,” then choose “Controller.” On your controller, press Menu (on an Xbox One S), and then select Preferences from the menu that appears. Here you can change settings for how you control your Xbox One’s main functions (such as power) or other settings like vibration feedback for games and apps. You may need to sign into an account before doing this if it’s not already set up with one; see below for more information about signing into accounts on specific devices such as smartphones or tablets . . .

How to screen record on Xbox one x

Screen recording is a great way to share your gameplay with others and show them how you play. It’s also useful if you want to create a video of yourself playing that gives an insight into your personality, or just something funny. You can use the Xbox One’s screen recorder app (or one from the Store) to record what happens on screen in real-time, which makes it perfect for creating videos of yourself playing games like Fortnite or Minecraft.

How to screen record on Xbox one for an hour

If you want to record a video that’s more than an hour, go into the settings menu on your Xbox One and select “Settings.” Then scroll down and click “System.” You’ll see several options here, including “Screen Recorder.” This is where you can set up a recording session for later viewing—when you’re done recording, simply hit stop.

If this sounds complicated or confusing at first glance (and let’s be honest: it is), don’t worry! Here’s what we recommend doing: open up the Settings menu by pressing the button on your controller again or pressing Y in any game (or clicking here). Once inside of Settings itself, scroll down until you find ‘System.’ Clicking over there will take us directly into System settings where we can adjust various aspects about our console such as power usage level thresholds and other things like these.

Once in System mode specifically though – head right into Video Output Configuration which should be located towards the middle left area under the Devices heading–but before going any further make sure all other applications aren’t running so they don’t interfere with anything else

How to screen record on Xbox one with voice

If you’re looking to record your gameplay on the Xbox One, then this is the right guide for you. In this article, we’ll show you how to screen record on Xbox One with voice and how to use it for YouTube videos or even an entire game session.

You can also get a lot more out of your Xbox One by setting up your console so it automatically saves screenshots at certain intervals during gameplay or when there’s something special happening in-game (like an achievement).

How to screen record on Xbox series s

To screen record on your Xbox One, you’ll need a device that’s compatible with the console.

The most common way to record gameplay is by using the Game DVR feature found in the Guide menu. If you don’t have access to that feature, however, there are other options available as well.

With any recording tool:

  • Select Start Recording from within the app or game you want to record (e.g., Forza Motorsport 7).
  • Hit “OK.” Your clip should begin recording automatically once it reaches its maximum length—this can vary depending on how long your clip is and how fast it plays out.*

Xbox screen recorder windows 10

You can record your Xbox One screen using the Rocker app. This is a free and easy way to do it, but it will only work with games that are on the Xbox One disc. If you want to use this method, you’ll need an Xbox One console, an external storage device (such as an external hard drive), and a USB cable.

The first step is downloading Rocker from the Microsoft Store by searching for “Rocker” and tapping Install when prompted. Once installed on your device, open up Settings > Apps & Games > Manage Installed Apps > All games will show up here along with any apps downloaded directly from their website or store page; tap each game title until one comes up as “Installing”; then press A when prompted during the installation process


Screen recording on the Xbox One is a great way to record your gameplay, or just watch some videos. It works well with your TV, but there are some things you need to know before using it. If you want to learn more about it then keep reading our article below where we will explain everything else including how long does it take?

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