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Pacman 30th anniversary and doodle of Google



When I was a kid, my favorite video game was Pac-Man. It was the first game that I ever played on an arcade machine, and it’s still one of my favorite games to this day. Now, Google has celebrated the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man with a playable doodle on its homepage—and you can play it yourself!

Google Doodle celebrated Pacman’s 30th Anniversary with a playable Pacman doodle

A Google Doodle is a special, temporary alteration of the logo on Google’s homepage. Since 1998, Google has been doing doodles for holidays, events, and birthdays of famous people. Doodles are designed by a team of doodlers (artists, animators, and illustrators) who are based at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View California.

Google started off as an idea in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were both Ph.D. students at Stanford University. In 1997 they incorporated their research project into a company called BackRub which was renamed to Google in September 1998 when they received $100k funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers venture capitalists firm to build what later became known as search engine technology that would be able to identify the relevance of web pages for queries typed into its search box using only text content found on those pages without having any knowledge about design elements such as images used throughout this site.”

The Google Doodle shows the entire Pacman game on the homepage of the search engine.

In case you haven’t noticed, today is the 30th anniversary of Pacman. To commemorate the event, Google has created a special doodle that lets you play Pacman on their homepage! It’s super fun and simple to play. All you have to do is click on the button below and it will take you straight there.

If you want more than just a single level, that’s okay too! We’ve got 4 different levels for everyone from beginners to advanced players who are looking for something new (and challenging).

There is also a button that allows you to play the game and you can even change the level.

Pac-Man is a game that was released in 1980. It was created by Namco and it has been played ever since then.

This doodle has made Pac-Man the main character on Google’s homepage for many users who don’t know about this game but want to play it for themselves or introduce it to their kids or friends.

There is also a button that allows you to play the game and you can even change the level from 4 different ones:

  • Beginner: The most basic level of difficulty where you’ll only have access to four ghosts at first and can move around freely without losing any lives
  • Intermediate: This mode will challenge you by giving more options when eating pellets, such as being able to eat more than one at once or being able to choose which direction they move when you’re chasing after Pacman

You can click on the button to play at 4 different levels.

You can click on the button to play at 4 different levels. The levels are: easy, medium, hard, and expert. You can choose your own level. You can even change the level during the game.

This was our way to celebrate Pacman’s 30th anniversary

A Google Doodle is a special, temporary alteration of the Google logo to commemorate holidays, events, achievements, and people. Google Doodles are designed by a team of artists employed by Google who seek to convey a sense of fun.

The first ever doodle was created in 1998 by Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google) for August 30th’s Burning Man festival. Since then it has become an important part of how we celebrate the achievements and events in our lives on this planet earth with over 2 billion searches being performed every day.

The Pacman Doodle was created on June 5th, 2012 to commemorate its 30th anniversary but where did this all start? Let me take you back…

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Pacman

If you’re a Pac-Man fan or a doodle aficionado, you may have noticed that Google celebrated the 30th anniversary of the arcade game on Tuesday with a special Google logo. If you didn’t notice it at first, don’t feel bad: The logo was only visible in some parts of Asia and Australia. But now that it’s gone worldwide (we hope), let’s take a look at how it worked.

Google has been having fun with its logos lately—it changes them regularly as part of its “doodle” program—and this one was particularly clever. It took advantage of two things: 1) The fact that Pac-Man eats dots, and 2) The fact that Google features letter Gs inside its O’s when they appear next to another letter O. So what did they do? They created an image where each dot represents one letter—and those letters spell out PACMAN!

How Pacman influenced Google

  • Pacman inspired Google’s logo. The word “Google” is a play on the word “googol,” which refers to a large number sum or 1 followed by 100 zeroes.
  • The original Pac-Man arcade game was released on May 22, 1980, as an open beta test in Japan. It became so popular that it began being sold across the globe and eventually evolved into several spin-off games and products like toys, clothing, and even food items such as cereals.

How Pacman inspired many other games

Pac-man was the first game to use a maze to trap its players. The idea of using a maze as a way to play with your food was so popular, it inspired many other games. You can see this in the maze-like levels found in video games like Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, and Spore. Pac-man also served as inspiration for real-life mazes used at amusement parks around the world and even some military training exercises.

Happy birthday, Pac-Man!

Happy birthday, Pac-Man!

The classic arcade game may have just turned 30, but it’s still as fun and addicting as ever. From its simple premise of eating dots in a maze to its iconic sound effects to its colorful visuals, Pac-Man has earned its place as one of the most recognizable video games of all time. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the anniversary of this innovative title from 1980 or if you just want some good old-fashioned gaming nostalgia—you can check out Google’s doodle that features classic Pac-Man characters in new ways:


Pac-man 30th Anniversary and Pacman Doodle

You probably have heard about Google’s Pac-Man doodle. If not, here’s what you should know:

  • It’s the 30th Anniversary of Pac-Man, so Google is celebrating it by putting a playable version of the game on its homepage!
  • You can play this game right now on your computer (or mobile device), but be warned: it might get really hard and fast before long!
  • The game was developed by Google and Namco Bandai Games—the company that created Pac-Man in 1980.


We hope you enjoyed the Pac-man Doodle game. We wish everyone a Happy Birthday!

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