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Platforms Where you can Learn Online

by Mehmood Ali

In the past, the only option that people had was to travel all the way to school or college so that they could learn something. It could easily be said that we were left to depend on institutes to teach us something. However, with the increase in the use and popularity of the internet, many things started shifting online, which includes education as well. People can now head to the internet so that they could learn a new skill, which obviously costs them a lot less as well.

To access these online learning platforms, you must ensure that you have a reliable internet connection so you could take classes smoothly, for instance,
Xfinity internet.  Continue further to find out what platforms you can use online to learn something new. 


Coursera is always going to be the most popular online platform when it comes to learning something new. The best part about Coursera is that it is not limited to one subject, but it has quite a collection of subjects to choose from.

This makes it easier for even a Business student to learn something like coding. Another attractive element about Coursera is how it is affiliated with some of the top universities in the United States. You may either take free courses on Coursera taught by top-notch professors or you could pay a little fee so that you could get a certificate later for the course that you complete. 

Academic Earth

Academic Earth also follows the same pattern as Coursera, the only difference is that it is not as popular as Coursera already is. Academic Earth also has affiliations with some of the top universities in the world and the platform makes it easier for students to actually learn from these universities without having to pay a hefty fee for it. Not only can you take courses online here but you can also find recorded videos that can help you learn something or brush up on your skills.

Academic Earth would give you access to other partners as well for instance it can take you to MIT’s free courses which would look good on your resume and would not cost you anything. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy proved to the world that you don’t need to physically go somewhere to get an education, but you can do it from the comfort of your house as well. Not only does Khan Academy have material based on various subjects but it also makes sure that the people who are teaching these courses are skilled enough to be teaching online.

Every video on Khan Academy makes sure that all your concepts are clear and it has been seen that when students had a hard time understanding something in class, they would head to Khan Academy so that they would clear their concepts. 


There has been an increasing trend in people being more inclined toward Computer Science and Information Technology. However, in order to pursue both of these it is necessary for one to learn how to code. Lucky for them, they can learn how to code from within their houses only by joining Code Academy.

The service has helped around 45 million people during its initial years by teaching them how to code effectively. There are two modes that you could follow, one being the free one but with limitations and the other being the Pro Membership for it which makes sure you have no ambiguities related to coding and you understand the concept well.

This way you could even start looking for jobs in the industry or just freelance from home as well. 


Just like Coursera and Academic Earth, Udemy also has the same philosophy of being affiliated with the top universities of the world so that they could offer courses for free. While many of these courses are free, you may also pay a small fee for some courses that you can study more in-depth so that you can make sure all of your concepts are clear.

So the choice is yours whether you want to study courses for free or if you want to pay a small fee so that you could learn better. 

Better Explained

Feel like you are bad at math and could do a lot better at it? Well, that is where Better Explained kicks in. It focuses on math and how to improve mathematical skills, especially when it comes to implementing math in everyday life. You can get individual lessons from this website free of cost or you could even pay to get an entire course from the website. 

In Conclusion

Learning has now been made a lot easier ever since there has been reliance on the internet to learn things. Education is now a lot easier to achieve and you should also encourage your kids to head to these websites so that they could sharpen their skills.

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