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Updated Features of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

by Aqib

Microsoft provides office 365 Advanced Threat Protection. One of three kinds of Advanced Threat Protection, supplying your business with the latest security features to protect you from the latest cyber-security threats!

With the current cybersecurity landscape and new threats emerging every day or even daily. It’s crucial to be aware of the tools available to safeguard your business. If your Microsoft subscription expired, renew and get updated office 360 threat protection features.

In this blog, we’ll explore Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) in depth, focusing on five hot features that can make Office 365 ATP a shoo-in for your company!

In Brief: What is Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection?

A cloud-based email filtering service which can protect your company from malware that isn’t known and viruses. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection can offer your company more secure zero-day protection that keeps you secure from malicious attachments and unsafe hyperlinks. All in real time. It’s simple, and Office 365 ATP can help ensure that your company doesn’t become an infected sufferer of malware, spoofing, or viruses being delivered to your users.

Office 365 ATP is included in Office 365 Enterprise E5 and Microsoft 365 Business Premium plans, which can be added to additional Exchange or Office 365 subscription plans (like Exchange Online. Business Basic/Standard as well as Office 365 Enterprise E1 and E3) with as low as $2.60 per user in CAD. It’s a good investment considering it could make you money by stopping the possibility of a breach!

However, if the low cost of the service isn’t enough to convince you to add it to your security system. Consider the five exciting attributes of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection in the following section!

5 Key Features of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Email is among the most ubiquitous and powerful methods of communication used in the modern workplace. We depend heavily on email to conduct business and connect with our colleagues, collaborators and clients. But, it is the most effective attack vector that hackers are currently using to target and harm your users to compromise your company’s security!

Below, we’ve listed the five essential characteristics in Office 365 ATP that helps to keep your business more secure and ensure that your emails aren’t being misused against you.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection: Safe Attachments

The Office Advanced Threat Protection feature in Office 365 Safe Attachments feature scans any attachments to emails that are delivered to your inbox to ensure the attachment isn’t malicious. If you’ve Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection installed in the Office 365 environment. Every when someone opens the email for attachments attached, Safe Attachments automatically opens the file and runs tests in a virtual setting that isn’t affecting your real-time environment. The file can be considered safe, it’ll open as you expect it to. If the file is discovered to be malicious, it will be removed by default.

You may implement Safe Attachment policies for a particular person in your team or your company.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection: Safe Links

Nowadays, every person should be aware of the risks of clicking on hyperlinks given to you by an individual you don’t know. In the end, it’s well-known that if you don’t believe the person who sent you the message, don’t just click the link. However, there are times when mistakes do occur. And with no intention of the other way, you decide to click an unintentional link. There could occur instances when the person you trust has been hacked. In these situations, it is important to ensure that you’re protected.

Enter Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Safe Links. This program offers time-of-click verification for website addresses within emails and Office documents. When you receive an email with a URL in it, and you click the URL. ATP Safe Links will instantly check the URL before opening it. It will be recognized as malicious, blocked or secure. When the link is secure, it will continue to work as normal, without additional steps. If the URL is blocked or recognized as malicious. It’ll display a warning screen instead of exposing the users to the potentially dangerous hyperlink. Similar processes occur when the link is clicked in the context of an Office document.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection: Spoof Intelligence

There are occasions where spoofing is required. For example, if you have third-party suppliers who are sending mass mail on behalf of your company. You’ve employed an assistant to relay emails to another individual within your business or have contracted an outside company to handle lead generation or product updates. Send sales emails that appear as if they’re from you.

This is why it is important not to stop all spoofing attempts from your business. However, how can you be certain that these emails that seem to come from your company are legitimately coming from your company? Additionally, because it is also a popular method for phishers in determining the user’s credentials,. How can you ensure that those who are spoofing your domains to gain access to your information are stopped?

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection includes spoof protection inbuilt. Ensuring that only legitimate emails are being sent and protecting your company from malicious intentions. Within the Security & Compliance Centre on your Office 365 Admin portal, you can configure the spoof filter to identify whether it is legitimate activities or malicious actions. You can also review the senders spoofing your domain and decide whether to stop them from doing it. Let them continue using only a few clicks of your mouse. Find out more about Spoof Intelligence here.

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