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Whiteboard Explainer Videos in 2022

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Explainer videos and other types of marketing videos are rapidly becoming famous for storytelling. It is a terrific method to briefly introduce a topic or idea. It may be a brief summary of your organization, service, or product. They are perceived as informative, entertaining, and educational in one place. They work well because they mix audio and visual cues to clearly and simply explain an idea. In either case, it provides a simple point of entry for those who are unfamiliar with your brand.

What is whiteboard animation?

A whiteboard animation follows the theme of real-world paint SVG scribbling on a blank surface. A storyboard artist usually sketches and records an illustration story in whiteboard animation. Scripted narration frequently supports the animations. It is a type of film that is designed to appear as though the narration is being handwritten on a whiteboard at school or another blank surface. It is also known as a doodle video due to its resemblance to doodling art.

Why whiteboard animation for explainer videos?

Whiteboard animation is a fantastic method to give your content some visual flair. Visuals are processed by the human brain 60,000 times faster than text. Additionally, visuals might boost comprehension by as much as 400%. In fact, a single video can make the difference between an effective marketing strategy and failure since visual material is so potent.

Best Whiteboard Explainer Videos for 2022:

Brands strive hard to capture the attention of people and sell what they aim to sell. It can be an idea, product, or service. Mostly the businesses are trying to establish a name for themselves. With growing competition, there are a few methods such as whiteboard animation explainers that intrigue the target audience. Here are some ways to make the best whiteboard explainer videos in 2022.

  1. Make a whiteboard video that everyone can relate to

Whiteboard-type movies are excellent for capturing attention and making a point, whether they are being used for a product launch, an explainer video with a script, or even a marketing campaign. Whiteboard animation software is a fantastic, economical method to produce marketing material that can improve traffic and sales.

  1. Enlighten how your brand will benefit via an explainer video

Finding answers to their difficulties is the only goal of those looking for information about products and services. As a result, people now turn to the Internet as their primary source of information and as a platform for connecting with businesses. A whiteboard explainer video is ideal to elucidate what your business offers and how it will benefit your clients in their particular situations.

  1. Add color in whiteboard animation only where necessary

The whiteboard animation with a ‘black-and-white theme might not please a few that love colors, vibrancy, and flamboyance. Therefore, with time we are seeing the addition of colors in the whiteboard animation explainer. However, some creators do the mistake of jamming it with all the colors and making it appear like a painting done by a toddler. it is best to add colors only where necessary.

  1. Infuse a hook-up point for the viewer in your whiteboard explainer

A marketer can use a range of films for a number of objectives, including enhancing brand awareness, generating website traffic, or just informing a devoted group of consumers about the sector. Yet, the best whiteboard animation explainers have a hook-up point. The aim of this is to intrigue spectators and persuade them to keep watching your video until the very end.

  1. Ensure a balance of text and imagery in whiteboard explainers

Videos are the ‘cream of the crop’ on the Internet. Hence, it is understandable why many brands use whiteboards widely and extensively for their content marketing. Yet, there are some that lose this chance by bombarding their animation with one element. For this reason, it is vital to keep the balance to give jooble reviews in video making. Make sure your whiteboard animation explainers have a balance of text and imagery.

  1. Cut to the chase in your whiteboard video quickly and tactfully

The best whiteboard animation explainers demonstrate the ability to boost sales. They do it by coming to the point considerately. Why? Because no one has all the time in the world to watch and understand a video. A long video that beat around the bush is bound to lose viewers (read: potential buyers) no matter how interesting the content is.

  1. Create an ‘easy to share’ whiteboard animation explainer video

Even though not many individuals (from animators to clients) consider and discuss this aspect – creating a whiteboard explainer video that is easy to share is of much importance. As more users watching your content is the ultimate goal, the whiteboard animation file should be a document that works on most devices, supports speed loading, and is applicable to everyone.

  1. Amuse viewers with infotainment in the whiteboard explainer video

Consumers prefer to watch videos than read text or go through manuals. Do you wonder why? They avoid content formats such as articles, blogs, and newsletters to skip the boredom. They look for entertainment and information in one place. Videos are brief, concise, and clear – far more appealing and efficient. Thus, it is important to amuse viewers with infotainment in the whiteboard explainer video


Whiteboard explainer videos are becoming the choice of many brands (of all sizes and types). It is best for advertising, promotion, and simply circulation of the Fiverr website and logo Fiverr of any news. Typically, an artist creates pictures and characters on a whiteboard as the camera captures the action frame by frame. The only issue is that this kind of animation necessitates a high level of artistic talent. You will need to invest a lot of time if you want to make a quick whiteboard animation video. or otherwise, you can hire a professional whiteboard explainer video production agency to help you with this task.

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