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Skyline University Increase Social Brand

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Introduction to Skyline University College (SUC)

Skyline University College is located in Sharjah and it was established in 1990. It has two schools namely the School of Business and the School of Information Technology. The business school offers both undergraduate, postgraduate business-related programs and courses. On the other hand, the IT school also provides both undergraduate and postgraduate programs and courses in the field of Information Technology.

The university wants to become globally recognized by preparing the students with professional skills and imparting knowledge to them. The university not only helps the students achieve their academic goals, but they help them achieve their professional goals in the future and the university shapes their personality. They create challenging and innovative environments where the students can critically and creatively analyze different situations and excel in their skills.

Emphasis on Social Media Marketing:

The university understands how important the digital world is nowadays to promote a brand and reach out to the relevant audience. Through the power of social media platforms, they can create interesting campaigns, raise awareness about the school, establish a highlighting brand name in the digital world, increase positive user engagement on their website, and attract audiences.

To promote the university and spread out its name they decided to step into the digital world. The marketing team invested in various resources to build the name of the brand. However, there were some challenges they had to face.

Challenges in Creating a Strong Online Presence:

Developing User-Engagement:

The first challenge they had to face was attracting the students to the content. They were having trouble engaging students. The students were not communicating and there was a problem in establishing two-way communication with them.

One of the main aims of using social media platforms was to communicate with the students and bring their attention to the brand. The marketing team wanted to engage with the students and answer their queries.

Finding a Host:

The marketing team needed a host. Through this host, they can showcase their content. That’s the main reason they want to showcase it from multiple channels and throughout their digital properties. They want an efficient tool that can allow the content to be access at any time. They were having difficulty finding an efficient and effective host.

Solution for the Challenges:

To boost its social media presence, Skyline University College partnered with TINT Platform in 2016. This platform opened many doors of opportunity for the brand. The university is now able to reach and effectively engage with the students. The name of the brand is now established in the digital world and a wide number of the relevant audience knows about the brand. The smart strategies utilized to promote the brand are:

  • User-Generated Content (UGC) Displays:

Skyline University College is conveying its message and spreading its social media presence by placing TV screens throughout the campus that has User-Generated Content (UGC) displays. These screens feature the photos of students who use the hashtag of the brand on their social media posts that are taken on campus or a post relevant to the campus. These screens deliver a clear Call-to-Action message that advises the student to implement using the hashtag in their social media posts.

  • Featuring Students on the Website:

They also feature the posts and photos of the students on their main website. The students only have to use the brand’s hashtag. The university wants to give an idea to the target audience about the student life and the school’s culture.

  • Embedding UGC into the Intranet Portal:

The TINT is going to embed UGC on the campus portal students access every day. The Professional team wants to promote this strategy and showcase its content on external web touch points like student life pages and international student pages. These external web displays are going to have Call-to-Action buttons. The CTA buttons are going to directly take the students to admission pages. It is going to increase user engagement and generate more leads.

Through the excellent promotion by TINT, many students are engaging with the websites and social media content of the university. The university does not compromise on quality and has high standards of education. The quality and efforts can be witnessed through the smart steps taken to promote the brand. To match the standards of education, students must take help from the university assignment writing service. They are going to get higher grades and build a better future.

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