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Why you still need to take Covid 19 seriously 2022


Covid 19

Covid 19
Covid 19

Covid 19  operates in a context of radical uncertainty at the government level. The impact at a level of regional and local, The COVID-19 crisis is highly critical with significant implications for policy responses. This paper takes depth look at the impact of the Covid 19 crisis in different dimensions: health-related, economic overview social impacts, It explains the examples of responses at the government’s level to help mitigate the vulnerable effects of the crisis.

Covid_19 is spreading all over the world through the data recorded 280 million confirmed cases appeared and more than 5 million death as per record. This data is collected from 200 countries in the world


The Covid 19 crisis at the level of governments throughout the world operating in uncertain conditions, and dealing with the difficult

challenging condition of health, economic and social, will raise daily. The novel coronavirus developed vulnerable conditions into a global pandemic. Schools and universities were closed in 2020 for more than one billion students of all ages.

The Covid 19 crisis impact differs mainly not only in countries but also in regions and municipalities within countries, declared cases and deaths recorded.

US, India, and Brazil have the highest cases of Covid 19. And after that UK, Russia and Turkey have the highest number of Covid 19 cases. Europe has the highest number of cases on daily basis and also in North America cases are rising

Low health system capacity makes a vulnerable condition for developing countries, the novel coronavirus. The 20 developing countries in the world have limited ICU beds for patients if on average, just 0.04% population of the country is actively infected. The Imperial College estimates that 2.5% of the population of developing countries will be infected. so the condition of hospitals in developing countries can be very vulnerable. This brief sketches the possible criteria of that crisis and its challenges. it represents the health and social-economic response.

It has been a tough deal with social distancing, and canceling events, over the last two years. But even if you have been doing everything right but keep a distance apart from each other.

Difficult for getting and seeking jobs

Covid 19
Covid 19

Several people have lost their jobs and so many people whose incomes have. The rates of unemployment or the ratio of unemployment have increased in major economies.

so many workers have also been put on government-supported job, retention schemes as well the parts of the economy, such as tourism and hospitality, have come to a near standstill.

New job opportunities are very low in many countries.

Recession condition of countries

If the economy is growing, that 

means more wealth and new jobs.

It is measured as the change of percentage in the gross domestic product or the value of the goods 

and produced services around 

three months or one year.

The IMF estimates the global economy’s 4.4% shrunk 

in 2020. “If you are vaccinated and you come to meet or contact with the virus-infected maybe you not get ill, but you can spread the virus or you are the carrier of spreading the virus,

So it is the most important thing to keep doing the following:

The guidance for your region.

Covid 19

To prevention about the spread of COVID-19:

Maintain a safe distance from others (at least 1 meter), even if they do not look to be sick.

Wear a mask in public sectors, especially indoors like malls, grocery stores e.t.c

Clean your hands with soap and tap water, or an alcohol hand sanitizer.

 Be vaccinated when your turn.

Follow the guidance about vaccination.

Cover your nose and mouth with your hand when you feel the need

Limit get-together parties

Stay at your home if you feel ill.

Covid19 need living things like an animal or human host to multiply and survive and it can’t multiply on food packages It is not necessary to disinfect food packaging materials surface, but sanitized or wash your hands before and after the use of the food packages and before eating you wash your food properly and also your hand

Nutrients help to boost your immune system to prevent the Coronavirus. you consume different varieties of foods for a healthy and take balanced diet, including grains, vegetables, all types of fruits, different nuts, and animal-source foods. different nutrition and vitamins which intake varieties of food will prevent you from COVID _19.


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