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5 Ways Top Travel Social App

by Best Kayak Info

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step and One Check-in”.

It’s not a made-up quotation, although we did add a substantial twist inspired by today’s travel scenario.

As per reputed travelling research insights, 69% of the worldwide population use top travel social app for travelling purposes. If we talk about other statistics, it has shown that around 37% of social media users use social apps primarily for travel inspiration. 


According to the most recent data trends, travellers are not only basking in the sun but are also predominately exploring trending social media platforms for travel-related objectives.

No Travel social app for Travellers? 

There is a made-in-India social app, Explurger especially created for travellers. Explurger is a social travel app that empowers travellers to meander through virtual social spaces without getting distracted from other digital trends. 

Explurger provides a special platform for travellers and their objectives. There are five ways through which it is changing the way travellers socialise on trending social media platforms.

  • One Place, One App for all 

Explurger has emerged as a platform crafted with AI and state-in-art technology for travellers. It is not exclusive to travellers. The travel social app is full of innovative features that help travellers to direct on the right path. It is a one-stop solution for every objective, aspiration, and inspiration. 

  • Rewards for every input 

If you are missing something on trending social media platforms then, here is the bonus package from Explurger, a trip-sharing app. Every user will receive rewards for their input. It is a unique social media app that provides rewards for just being active socially. The more you engage on this social app, the more points and benefits you win. 

  • Level Up with Gamified Social App 

For the first time, you may now boost your Travelling Game by gamifying travel. How? Every mile you go, city you visit, post you share, or Kudos you earn increases your enthusiasm… and so does your Explurger level! This made-in-India social media app adds motivation to travel by rewarding you with points and numbers only for entering miles and city names. 

  • Automated Travelogue 

Check-ins are only temporary. Explurge-Ins are permanent. When you publish a post, such as an Explurge, Artificial Intelligence updates your Travelogue.

  • Bucket List Creation 

Make a bucket list and fill it with unrestricted desires.

So, the next time you want to go somewhere cool, try a new drink, or check out a new bar that you saw in a fellow Explurger’s post, just add it to your bucket list. And, while you may forget about it after that, the feature of this social travel app will not.

Let’s know about this revolutionary social travel app that is making traveling gratifying for its users. First things first, download this super cool app and experience it yourself. It’s not just a travel app, it is a social media app that makes travel one of a kind experience. One can make a personal travelogue. Depending upon the number of posts you add as you travel, it will create a travelogue of places with its AI-integrated technology making the travel experience personalized. So every mile, city, country, pub, club and everything one adds up to it.

Another feature that just makes it a pre-requisite for travelling is the  ‘Live Countdown Timer’. Let’s understand how it works. The travel sharing app helps you create a buzz about your travel plans even before you travel. Exciting, right? The countdown keeps the momentum and excitement going. All you need to do is select a destination, enter the future date of travel and tap ‘Spread. The countdown will start and fellow users can also view the countdown on the wall. There are many other cool distinctive features in the single app to elevate the travel experience.

As the summer heat is soaring high, it is the best time to plan a holiday up the hills to escape the wrath of the summer season with the made-in India app. Yup, that’s what makes it even more special. This indigenous app is here to make this summer getaway more invigorating and exhilarating than ever.

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