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The UAE has emerged as a free zone in the world. The UAE has created many opportunities for business entities and tourists. Every year millions of people visit the UAE for many reasons.

The promotion of business and tourism is the key to uplifting the economy. The UAE Government realized that perspective, thus facilitating the business community and developing excellent infrastructure. The geographic location of the UAE is very centric, and it is accessible both by sea and airways. Living in the UAE is very safe and protective.

Visa requirements for Philippines passport holders

The Philippines is amongst the countries whose people would require visas to enter the UAE. There are three sorts of permits.

Visit Visa

The citizens of the Philippines who intend to visit the UAE need sponsorship from relatives, or friends, residing in the UAE. The said visa is available for 30 to 90 days.

Tourist Visa

Filipinos may obtain a Dubai tourist visa with a validity of 30 days and 90 days. The tourist visa is subject to sponsorship from hotels, Airlines, and Travel agencies. You may apply for a Single Entry or Multiple Entry UAE Visa valid for 30 days and 90 days. Visa is extendable for 30 days or 90 days respectively.

Transit Visa

A Transit visa is available for 48 hours & 96 hours from the date of entry. The traveler has a valid passport and a confirmed ticket to the intended destination other than the UAE. Or just go off from UAE within the validity of the UAE Transit Visa followed by the issuance of a transit visa.

Documents required

To apply for the UAE visa, Philippines citizens require mentioned documents below:

  • A valid passport for more than six months before travel. Make sure your signatures indicating on the back page.
  • Copy the bio pages of the passport (scanned) and the last page as well.
  • Colored ID photo (scanned).
  • Passport-size color photo (with white background). Make a signature on the back when scanned.
  • Application form duly filled-in in all respects. Application forms depending upon the type of sponsorship could be different. So pre-determine your sponsor before proceeding with your visa application.


The UAE embassies are not involved in issuing visas, and one needs to approach licensed UAE-based airlines, hotels, and tour agents to get a permit of entry.

Each airline has some pre-requisite to get your visa application approved and traveling with them is one of the conditions.

Please choose Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Fly Dubai for your visa to avoid discrepancies. Your visa fee may vary depending on what type of sponsorship you have. Please do visit various websites of hotels, airlines, and travel agencies to get the correct information.

According to the Government of UAE, females under the age of 18 cannot apply for visas unless they accompany their parents.

However, kids below 18 years may travel to UAE with adults only within a span of 15th July to 15th September of each year at a discounted fee.

Steps to Apply for UAE Visa from the Philippines

  • Click the website, for UAE Visa
  • Enter your nationality/Citizenship and the country of Residence if different from your citizenship and press Search VISA.
  • You will see all the visa types and choose the suitable type for your travel need.
  • Fill in the Visa Application Form followed by the document’s submission online and payment for the visa by credit card.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email with the payment receipt.
  • The agent shall revert to you with the Dubai evisa copy after 2 to 3 days.


Employment Visa for Philippines citizens

Apart from the categories we already discussed, any citizen of the Philippines who wants to get a work permit for the UAE needs a job offer. An employment visa is valid for 2 years which is renewable for another 2 years. The following documents are also needed to be produced to enter the UAE:

  • Application form, duly completed.
  • Valid clear Passport in color
  • Latest Photo in white background
  • Entry permit from the Ministry of Labour.
  • Company Labour Card ID
  • Payment proof.
  • Medical examination proof.
  • A copy of the Employment contract.

Employment Visa Cost for Philippines Citizens

The cost of the UAE Employment visa varies and is subject to the sponsoring government.

However, Employers who hire employees from outside the country will have to bear the Employment visa cost. Government Cost is ranging from AED 4500 to 7500 for 2 years depending on the authority providing the visa. Each government authority (free zones, mainland) has different visa costs.

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