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32 Before 32 List To Inspire You To Live An Awesome Life



I turned 32 this year, and I’ve never felt more accomplished. I’m finally starting to get my life together and experience the things that I want to do, so I decided to write a list of things that I wanted to accomplish before my 32nd birthday. Turns out, there were a lot of items on that list that I hadn’t yet done! So here is My list of goals before turning 32. Some are silly, some are serious, but all are designed to help me live an awesome life.

Get my Book Published

writing a book has always been one of my biggest goals. I’ve started writing it several times but never got very far. the problem is that I get so caught up in the process of writing the book that when I finally finish and read back over it, I don’t like it at all. so then I just get frustrated and stop working on it for another year or two.

I’m not sure if this time will be different, but this time around I’m going to try something new: instead of trying to write a whole book from start to finish in one sitting (which inevitably leads me down a frustrations road), this time around I’m going to take things one step at a time. my goal is just to write one chapter at a time until each chapter feels good enough for me before moving on to the next chapter and repeating the process until all 32 chapters are complete!

Travel to Hawaii

Travel to Hawaii

  • Travel to Hawaii.
  • Go on, book a plane ticket, and make sure you have your passport ready to go!
  • Hawaii is a beautiful place with all kinds of activities for people of all ages.
  • You can go on a budget trip with your family and friends or by yourself, or maybe even with your partner!

Plant a Vegetable Garden

  • If you’ve ever thought about planting a vegetable garden, now is the time. Not only will it help save money on groceries, but it’s also a great way to get healthy and spend time outside. You can grow things you can’t buy in the store, like fresh herbs or tomatoes that taste like they came from Italy. The best part? Planting your own means never having to worry about food waste again.

Take a Photography Class

Learning from others is one of the best ways to grow, so why not take a photography class? Find an open studio, a weekend workshop, or even an online course and learn how to use your camera. When you’re finished with the class (or if you’ve already graduated), find other photographers who are better than you and follow their work! It can be challenging to look at photos that are so much better than yours, but this will help make all those techniques and tips from the class sink into your mind. And once it does, apply them to your own photos!

Go to the Opera

You should go to the opera.

I love going to the opera and I think it’s a great way to spend an evening with a loved one or a bunch of friends. You don’t have to know what’s going on, or even like operas (although if you don’t like them, maybe go anyway). Just enjoy the music, which is beautiful in all its unique ways and often accompanied by a live orchestra! The win-win-win situation here!

Make Homemade Pickles

Make homemade pickles

You can make homemade pickles with a pickling cucumber.

  • Wash and dry your cucumber.
  • Slice it into spears. (I like to slice mine lengthwise.)
  • Put some salt, water, and vinegar in a jar and let the cucumbers sit for a few days until they taste good to you!

Move Abroad For A Year Or Two

This is a big one. It’s the ultimate adventure and it will challenge you in ways you never thought possible. You will meet people from all around the world, learn new languages, and experience different cultures.

You will be forced to be more independent and resourceful than ever before as well as be forced to become more creative with your time management skills. This is not for everyone but if this sounds like something that would interest you then go for it. 25 Super Important Things Every College Student Needs To know

Go Vegetarian For 6 Months

  • What is your motivation for going vegetarian?
  • How will you make this a reality?
  • Will you go vegan or simply vegetarian? If so, why that level of commitment?
  • How will you stay motivated throughout this process, and what kind of support systems do you need in place to make sure it goes smoothly (think: friends who are willing to cook dinner for you).
  • What kinds of things can I expect from this decision, in terms of how my body feels and how much money I could potentially save on food costs.

Fly First-Class Somewhere

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to treat yourself. I’m not talking about buying yourself a new car or something huge like that, but rather treating yourself to something small, like a first-class ticket on an airplane.

First-class flights are much nicer than economy or business class because they have more space and comforts such as better food, free alcohol, and more amenities in general.

They also give you a great opportunity to connect with people you don’t know by sitting next to them on the plane! This can be especially helpful if it’s an international flight where no one speaks your language well enough (like me). This will help both parties learn from each other while enjoying some free drinks together 🙂

Also remember: treating others well should be just as important as treating ourselves well!

See a Broadway Play

Broadway is a district in the city of New York that is home to more than 40 theaters and over 500 performances per week. It’s also the premier theater district in the United States, with more than 130 shows playing on Broadway at any given time. It’s also the highest-grossing theater district in the world, making it an essential destination for any aspiring theater lover.

Broadway is known as “The Great White Way,” because of its bright lights and colorful billboards that illuminate its streets every night of the week—making it one of New York City’s most iconic landmarks. In addition to being a popular tourist destination, Broadway has long been considered one of America’s cultural capitals; this street represents everything that makes our country great: diversity (people from all walks of life congregate here), innovation (it hosts some of today’s most innovative artists), and freedom (you can say anything you want here). After all, if it weren’t for Theater Districts like this one there wouldn’t be such things as Tony Awards!

Become Fluent In A New Language

  • You can learn a new language through an app, with a tutor, or by finding a language exchange partner. Language learning apps can be great for beginners who need to practice their listening skills as well as help with pronunciation and writing in the target language.
  • If you’re looking to go beyond basic words and phrases, consider getting private lessons from a tutor who specializes in the language you want to learn. Tutors will provide more one-on-one attention than an app or group class, but they come at a higher price point than other methods of learning new languages—so it’s up to you whether it’s worth it!
  • If you already speak another language but want to learn another one as well (or vice versa), search for local organizations that offer free services such as tutoring or hosting events where native speakers meet learners like yourself so everyone has an opportunity for cultural exchange!

Eat In A Pitch-Black Restaurant

A pitch-black restaurant is one where you can’t see a thing. The lights are turned down low, or off entirely so that the only light is coming from the candles on the tables.

The idea of eating in a pitch-black restaurant may seem strange to some people, but there are many benefits to it! You’ll be able to focus on your taste buds instead of what’s happening around you (which can often distract you from the meal). It also means you get to try foods that look very different when they’re served than when they’re cooked at home: it really heightens your senses and makes for an exciting dining experience. And if nothing else, it will make for an amazing story later on down the line!

You’ll need a lot of trust in both yourself and your dining partner(s) for this one—especially if there are no forks/napkins available—but even as someone who has never tried this before me I’m excited about doing so someday soon!

Be Present Every Single Day

  • Be Present Every Single Day

I’ve been working on this one recently and it’s been an amazing exercise in mindfulness. You can read more about how to be present here, but basically, it means being aware of your surroundings, the people around you, and your own thoughts and feelings. It can be hard at first but if you keep at it over time it will become easier and easier!

Workout On A Regular Basis

Whether you’re looking for an excuse to get active or hoping to make exercise a more regular part of your life, there are plenty of different options for working out. You can start with something simple and easy, like walking around the block. Or maybe you want something more challenging, like a long hike through the woods. And if yoga isn’t really your thing, don’t worry: there are plenty of other exercises that can help build strength and stamina without being overly strenuous on the body (or mind).

Here’s our list of 32 before 32 ideas for getting moving.

Master making pizza from scratch

Making pizza from scratch is a great life skill to have. It’s easy, fun, and totally doable. You can make it at home with whatever toppings you want or even buy dough from the store and add your own toppings. The possibilities are endless!

Become Financially Independent

  • Make a plan
  • Set aside a percentage of your income to save
  • Save money
  • Invest in yourself and your business
  • Start small, start today

Go on a road trip with my sisters

You may have a lot of fun on the road trip, but it’s important to remember that it’s not just about you. You’ll be spending a lot of time with your sisters, and they’ll probably want to do some things that you don’t. So it’s okay to compromise. Make sure you have a plan for the trip as well as an itinerary for each night (or day). Set up some kind of budget so everyone knows how much money they’re allowed to spend on food and fun during the vacation.

Then there are all the logistics: routes, schedules, lists of places to stay and things to do—these all need to be planned out before leaving home.

Try Hot Yoga

If you live in a city with a hot yoga studio, get your friend to go with you! You’ll be more motivated to continue if someone is counting on it. Once a week is enough for beginners and even seasoned yogis can use some extra time in the heat.

Don’t be too hard on yourself; just try your best in each class. This isn’t about being perfect—it’s about learning something new and having fun while doing it!

Don’t be afraid to try something new or fail at something because of fear of failure. We all have our moments when we’re afraid, but what matters most is that we get back up and keep going (even if we fall down again). Don’t compare yourself to others around you either—everyone has different goals at different times in their life; focus on yours instead of theirs!

Start a Blogging Project or Two

  • Blogging is a great way to express yourself and share your thoughts
  • Blogging is a great way to make money online
  • Blogging is a great way to build your brand
  • Blogging is a great way to build your audience
  • Blogging is a great way to build your business

Lots of People Make These Lists But Not Everyone Puts Them Into Writing

It’s always nice to have a list of things to do before you turn 32, but it’s even better if you write them down. Lots of people make these lists but not everyone puts them in writing. Writing down your goals is the first step towards achieving them! As soon as you put something on paper (or on-screen), it becomes real, and more likely that you’ll take action toward making it happen.

Now that we’ve got this stuff out of the way, let’s get into the good stuff: what should be on your list?


Everyone has a list of things they want to do before they die, but not everyone gets around to making them happen. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to write yours down and start ticking off those lists as soon as possible!

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