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The Ultimate Finals Survival Kit | A Total Life Saver | Blogers



Finals week is coming up and it’s time to get ready! This can be a stressful time, but with the right tools, you’ll be able to ace your exams and make it through this trying semester. In the following article, we’ll discuss what should be included in a finals survival kit. We will also go over how to DIY one for yourself or someone else if you don’t want to buy one ready-made (and let’s be honest, who does?).

Snacks and Drinks

  • Fruit and vegetables. Fresh produce is a great option because they’re easy to carry around, easy on the stomach, and can be prepared in a variety of ways. A banana is especially good because you can eat it with one hand!
  • Chips or crackers. Nuts are also an excellent choice; however, they can get messy if you’re not careful (especially if you try to eat them while walking).
  • Granola bars are an easy-to-make healthy treat that’s great for any occasion—and they make sharing simple too!
  • A bottle of water so that your mouth won’t feel dry during finals week

Vending Machines

  • Vending machines are a great option for snacks and drinks. When you’re working on finals, it can be hard to get out of the library and find a place that sells good food for cheap prices. With vending machines, you can get drinks with or without caffeine (or even with artificial sweeteners), as well as a variety of snacks—including granola bars!
  • If you’re going to go through all the trouble of using your dining plan at restaurants, why not spend it on something from a vending machine instead? They may not be the best quality, but they can still hold their own against any meal deal at campus dining halls—and for significantly cheaper!

What Should Be Included In A Finals Survival Kit?

  • Snacks: These are especially important for the days when you’re stuck in a library for hours, but can be helpful any time. You might want to include protein bars or healthy granola (or other snacks) if you tend to get hungry during study sessions.
  • Drinks: A bottle of water is necessary for staying hydrated, but some people also prefer other drinks, like coffee or tea. If your finals week will involve more than just studying in the library (such as a group project), make sure you have enough caffeine!
  • Office supplies: Pens and highlighters are essential for any kind of school work—don’t forget these!
  • Self-care products: This could include chapstick, lotion and/or hand sanitizer if your hands are going through lots of paper cuts this semester like mine did last year after typing up all those essays on my laptop… ouch!! It also includes things such as nail polish remover so that those acrylic nails don’t get stuck under your fingers while writing too fast 😉
  • Stress balls/fidgets toys: Even though we’re not supposed to play with them during finals week due to distractions caused by fidgeting motions… sometimes its nice having something tactile that helps relieve stress from being stuck inside all day long without much movement (so don’t feel guilty!) – Plus it can help keep focus when studying because instead of shaking legs constantly from nerves – now there’s something else occupying them 🙂

Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is one of the most essential pieces of your life, yet it’s often overlooked.

Whether you’re renting an apartment, a house or even a dorm room at college, renter’s insurance will cover your belongings in case something happens to them. This includes fire and theft damage as well as liability for injuries on the premises that are caused by you or a guest. And since renters’ insurance covers more than just apartments and homes — it can also include coverage for your car if it gets damaged by someone else or stolen from your driveway.

The best part? Renter’s insurance typically costs less than $200 per year (depending on where you live), according to Consumer Reports — which means that getting covered could end up saving thousands of dollars in case something goes wrong with your home or car.

What exactly is covered under renter’s insurance? Here’s a breakdown:

Study Care Package: Food

Study Care

Doctors are working with CT scan in hospital


  • Food is a must for finals.
  • You want to make sure you have the appropriate snacks on hand.
  • The best foods for your brain are those that contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which help protect against cognitive decline (hemp seeds, walnuts), or selenium, which plays a role in cell maintenance and antioxidant activity (Brazil nuts).
  • The worst foods for your brain are white sugar and white flour—these can cause spikes in blood sugar levels that will leave you feeling sluggish and foggy-headed.
  • Foods that are good for your body include protein packed with B vitamins like salmon, tuna or chicken breast; complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes; leafy green vegetables such as spinach; healthy fats like olive oil or avocado oil.

The Classic Stress Ball

Whichever way you choose to use it, a stress ball is your friend in times of need. The classic stress ball is a simple rubber ball that can be squeezed and released, providing comfort and relief from the stresses of life. It’s also great for helping you focus on the task at hand, whether that’s getting through an hour of study or making it through the day. 32 Before 32 List To Inspire You To Live An Awesome Life

If you have one on hand during finals week, I guarantee that it will become your best friend (as well as a lifesaver).

Study Survival Kit: Office Supplies

There are a few items that you should keep in your office drawer:

  • Pencils and pens for note-taking. You never know when you’ll need them!
  • Highlighters for reviewing notes, highlighting important information, and making things stand out when preparing for your exam.
  • Scissors for cutting open the final box of breakfast cereal (your fave).

Air Freshener | Plug-ins

  • Air fresheners are a great way to make your room smell good. Choose a scent that you like, but don’t forget to keep it in mind when picking out other things for your finals survival kit too!
  • You can also use air fresheners to mask bad smells that might be in your room, like those from the cafeteria or gym. If you’re going to be writing all day long without leaving your desk, it’s best to have some sort of air freshening device on hand so that your nose won’t suffer from all the stress and anxiety that comes with finals week. How To Find A College Roommate You’ll Get Along With | Blogers

Care Package Ideas: Self-Care Products

  • Body lotion to keep skin hydrated and smooth in the dry air of winter, or when you’re stuck in a stuffy room for hours.
  • Scrub to buff away dead skin cells and make your hands feel like silk.
  • Face mask to give yourself a mini facial at home!
  • Bubble bath is great for relaxing before bedtime after an exhausting day of school or work.
  • Hand sanitizer comes in handy when you don’t have time for a full shower between classes, meetings, etcetera. Your hands will thank you afterward!
  • Lip balm is always useful during cold months because it helps prevent chapped lips caused by cold weather (and those hot coffee mugs!).
  • Tissues are also crucial—you’ll want them on hand when preparing meals or spending time around other people (or pets) who may sneeze or cough without warning! You could even repurpose some old tissue boxes by covering them with cute scrapbook paper and turning them into DIY party decor! This way they won’t take up space inside your bag while still being useful as decorative touches at events where guests might need something disposable like these paper napkins would be perfect!


Post-its are a great, simple tool to help you organize all the information you’re taking in. You can use post-its to make a study schedule, plan out your week and even create a shopping list!

That’s right: post-its are not just for jotting down notes or reminders anymore. They can be used as an effective organizational tool that’ll help ensure that you have everything ready before finals start.

I suggest using one color per week: one color for studying and another color for socializing (or whatever else). This will help keep things simple so that they don’t get out of hand during finals week when we’re all stressed and busy with studies/socializing/other responsibilities.

Exam Survival Kit For Boyfriend

Now, you want to make sure that your boyfriend is prepared for the final exam. It’s never too early to start preparing, even though the semester has just started. This is because the finals are usually held during the middle of it. So if you want your boyfriend to pass all his subjects and have a good grade point average (GPA), then you need to help him out by making sure he has everything he needs.

Here are some things that every finals survival kit should include: 25 Super Important Things Every College Student Needs To know

  • Food and water
  • A stress ball or other toy/game
  • A book of jokes or facts about studying
  • Something that can be used as a pillow (like a bean bag chair)

Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones are a great way to block out distractions and focus on the task at hand. What exactly do they do?

As their name implies, noise canceling headphones work by emitting an opposing sound wave that cancels out ambient noise. The result is a more pleasant listening experience that helps you concentrate on your work, whether it’s listening to music or taking notes in class.

How do they work?

Sound waves travel through the air at approximately 344 meters per second (770 miles per hour). Sound waves follow the same laws of physics as light or any other waveform; they can be reflected, refracted and diffracted (to name just a few). The human ear can detect frequencies ranging from 20 Hz all the way up into 20000 Hz (20kHz). Noise canceling headphones emit an opposing wave pattern which cancels out ambient noises below 1000Hz while maintaining relatively high fidelity across most of this range (depending on your model). This makes them ideal for use with music sources where there may be significant low-frequency content like kick drums and bass guitars.

How To DIY Finals Survival Kit?

The first step in creating a finals survival kit is making a list of the things that you need. It’s important to include any medications or supplements that could help improve your health and energy levels, such as vitamins. You should also make sure you have everything needed for healthy eating, such as fresh produce and protein bars. Also include things like snacks, water bottles, pencils/pens and notebooks if they’re required by your professor or school.

After you’ve created a list of what should be included in your finals survival kit, it’s time to go shopping! Make sure to buy enough items so that there will be no shortage once finals week begins—this way nothing gets forgotten or left out due to lack of space in the bag itself (which would cause other essentials like pens/pencils). The more prepared we are physically before any stressful situation begins (such as finals), then more prepared we’ll be mentally too so don’t forget about stocking up on those much-needed goods before heading off campus for break!”

Finals are hard but you can get through them.

You can do it!

It’s finals season, and if you’re like me, your anxiety levels have been through the roof. But don’t worry—with the right mindset and a few helpful tips from me, you’ll be able to get through the next week (and hopefully more) without losing your mind.

First off: study smarts. I know that studying sounds boring as hell when all you want to do is hang out with friends or binge watch Netflix but trust me when I say that studying well is going to help you in ways beyond just passing your exams. When I was writing my thesis for my Master’s degree at UCLA Anderson School of Business Administration, there was an extremely important class called “Stress Management” taught by Professor Andrew Freeman: it focused on taking care of yourself so that you can take care of everything else in life such as work deadlines and family obligations. He taught us how important it was not only to prioritize sleep but also eat well (especially breakfast), exercise regularly (even if just walking around campus), meditate daily, breathe deeply when stressed out during finals week so we don’t burn ourselves out over one exam!


Happy finals and good luck!

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