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What Things To Take With You To Camping?

by Williumson

Many people go hiking and enjoy it, but there are those who have never been on a hike. Done right, with all the right gear and knowledge, you can have a lot of fun. Staying in a tent is a great way to comfortably spend time outdoors. Below is the background information you will need to organize your campsite, such as what to bring, what to do, and where to stay.



The choice of tents is now huge and sometimes it is very difficult to decide which one is needed. The main thing is that it is waterproof. It is even better if it is two-layered: mesh + cape. Such a tent is better ventilated and saves from condensation.

Size doesn’t really matter if you’re going to be hauling stuff around by car and don’t plan on going on a long hike where you have to carry your gear. In this case, you can not waste time on trifles and take a larger tent. If you bought a new tent, and even more so if this is your first tent in your life, practice putting it together in advance so that you don’t suffer later somewhere in the park, and even in the dark.

Sleeping bag

When you go camping in cold weather, you need to make sure you stay warm in your tent at night. Take a sleeping bag with you, preferably one that is thick and stuffed with down. You will also need some extra blankets. You will need more than one blanket as the ground will be cold and you will need extra warmth. When you realize that you have enough blankets, pack another one, because it is much better to take extra than to shiver all night from the cold.


If you want to have some sort of fun and entertainment while you are camping. You must bring a camping radio while camping because if you are getting bored then you can easily listen to music or what you want.

Warm clothes

You will want to be warm not only at night in a tent but all day long. You can layer several items on top of each other so that if it gets hot, you just need to take off the top layer of clothing and not change completely. Such clothing includes sweatshirts, thermal underwear, jackets, and fleece clothing. Take care to bring suitable clothing for your arms and legs. Hats, gloves, scarves, and very warm socks are great for camping in cold weather.


A rug (some also call it “foam”) is a necessary and useful thing because it helps to smooth out all the roughness of pebbles, twigs, and bumps digging into the back, plus sleeping on it is much warmer than without it. If you roll up its upper part with a roll, then it is quite possible to do without a pillow.

Headrest/inflatable pillow

You can take it, you can not take it, it depends on the desire. You can get by with a rug, you can use, for example, a jacket, fleece, shirt, or towel instead of a pillow.

First Aid

A personal first-aid kit for a tourist should contain:

  • Adhesive plaster
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Greenery
  • Iodine
  • Sterile bandage
  • Aspirin
  • Analgin (or tempalgin)
  • Cotton wool in a small package
  • Diarrhea remedy (loperamide, Immodium)

If you have sensitive skin, be sure to bring sunscreen and sunblock. Then you can grab everything that you consider necessary, and to which you obviously do not have an allergy. If you have specific or chronic diseases requiring medication, be sure to take the necessary stock of medicines with you. If you take iodine, greenery – pack them in separate bags, which will allow you not to spoil your things if the bubbles accidentally break or leak.

Kitchen utensils and supplies

One way or another, you have to prepare. It is not very convenient to go somewhere for breakfast and dinner every time, spending precious time on this is not very convenient. If it’s a day or two, then it’s still possible, but if you spend the night at campsites all the time, then it’s more convenient not to depend on all sorts of cafes and restaurants.

Personal care products

  • soap, shampoo (can be in economy package)
  • towel, toothpaste, brush, and comb

Here everyone decides independently about the choice of appropriate hygiene products at their own discretion. If you will wash things in the camping, take them with you or buy an economy package of washing powder in household goods upon arrival.

  • biodegradable soap

A good thing about washing dishes is it allows you not to harm nature with all sorts of not-very-useful components contained in ordinary detergents.


The issue of navigation is important, but mainly when moving from city to city and through settlements. In parks, in general, there are no problems – it is very difficult to get lost since everywhere there are a lot of signs, diagrams, and other aids.

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