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Is He Into Me? 15 Sure Signs He’s Definitely Obsessed

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Is He Into Me

Is He Into Me

It can be tough to tell if a new guy is really into you or if he’s just being cordial. When you like someone, it’s easy to start daydreaming about your future together and get all excited—but what if it turns out that the feelings aren’t mutual? It’s happened to all of us before! That’s why we wanted to share this handy list of signs that he is totally into you. After reading this guide, we promise that you will never have to question whether or not a new guy likes you ever again. Best of luck with your love life!

1. He Texts You Back Right Away

Is He Into Me

Is He Into Me

He texts you back right away. If he doesn’t respond within five minutes, that’s a red flag. Is he busy? Are you being needy? Either way, it’s not a good sign for your relationship.

If he doesn’t text you back at all, that’s also a red flag. He may be busy or just not interested in talking to you—either way, it’s not a good sign for your relationship.

If he does text back but takes hours to do so (or even days), this could mean that something else is going on in his life right now and he just can’t find time for texting. Or perhaps he has fallen out of love with the idea of texting altogether! Whatever the reason might be, if this behavior continues after weeks or months of trying to figure out why things aren’t working out between the two of them as well as they should have been by now then there isn’t really anything left except acceptance: Your guy really isn’t into me anymore and I need someone else who will appreciate my efforts more than this guy ever did.*ENDWRITE

2. He Remembers What You Say

Is He Into Me

Is He Into Me

Do you talk to him a lot? Do you share things with him? Does he listen when you speak and make a real effort to understand what you’re saying, even if it’s just something simple like “I think the weather is nice today”? If so, that’s a good sign.

If he remembers what you say after having only heard or read it once or twice, then it means that his brain has already stored this information as important in some way—which also means that he cares about keeping track of your preferences and opinions. He knows that the more time he spends around people who are important to him (which includes his friends) the better chance there is for him to learn something new about himself…and vice versa.

3. He Isn’t Afraid To Share His Feelings

If a guy is into you, he’s not afraid to express his feelings. He’s not afraid to show his emotions or be vulnerable. He knows it’s okay to be open and honest with you. And if he really likes you, chances are he won’t care if other people see him crying over the fact that he doesn’t think the two of you will last forever—it’s just not something that keeps him up at night anymore!

4. His Friends Know About You

Is He Into Me

Is He Into Me

  • He talks about you to his friends.
  • His friends know about you.
  • They probably know you well and have met you at least once or twice.

If he’s bringing up your relationship in conversation with his buddies, it means that he is openly proud of being with you and wants people to know that he’s dating someone great (which, duh—you are). It’s also a good sign if they’re always asking when they can get together again; this shows that they think the two of you make a great couple.

5. He Always Says The Right Thing

Your guy is always saying the right thing, at the right time. He knows when to say something funny and when to say something serious. He knows how to listen and how to communicate his thoughts clearly. Is he a problem solver? You bet! Is he a good teammate? Definitely! A teacher? Without question!

6. He Doesn’t Get Weird When You Want A Little Space

Is He Into Me

Is He Into Me

When you want a little space, he doesn’t get weird about it.

If you’re feeling a little clingy, he understands that you need a break and doesn’t worry about it. If he can tell that you are out of your mind with work or school stress, he knows not to pressure you into hanging out just because it is the weekend (or because there is an upcoming holiday). He gets that sometimes people just have to be alone.

7. He Remembers Your Birthday And Does Something Sweet For You

If he remembers your birthday and does something sweet for you, then he’s definitely into you.

If it’s something that makes him feel like a good boyfriend or husband, even better! He may say things like, “I know how much this means to you,” or “I wish I could do more for you on this special day.” He might even tell his friends that he feels lucky to have someone as wonderful as you in his life!

He doesn’t forget your birthday. In fact, it’s one of the most important dates on his calendar year after year. That’s because he loves celebrating with someone who means so much to him—and maybe also because he knows how much we all love getting presents…

8. He Puts The Phone Down When You’re Together

Is He Into Me

Is He Into Me

He puts his phone away when he’s with you.

It may sound silly, but if he’s constantly checking his phone to see what she said or who liked him on Instagram, that means he’s not really into you. If he puts the phone down because it distracts him from spending time with you, that means he cares about you and wants to be present with you.

9. He Goes Out Of His Way To See You

  • He Goes Out Of His Way To See You

If he really cares about you, then he will go out of his way to see you. This means that he will be willing to take the time to meet up with you and spend time together, even if it means taking a few extra hours out of his day or getting up early on a Saturday morning. There’s no reason why someone would go out of their way for someone that they don’t care about, so if your man does this for you regularly, then it’s a pretty good sign that he actually does have feelings for you.

It also goes both ways: If the person who is interested in pursuing a relationship with him puts in an effort as well (e.g., asks him out), then this is another sign that she cares about him and wants things to work out between them!

10. He Doesn’t Feel Compelled To Change You Or Ask You To Change For Him

If he’s into you, he will accept and enjoy the parts of your personality that make you uniquely you. He won’t ask or demand that you change for him.

He will be comfortable with the fact that he doesn’t want to change you, and rather than feeling threatened by this, he will respect it.

11. He Never Makes Fun Of Your Likes or Dislikes

Is He Into Me

Is He Into Me

Another way to know if he’s obsessed with you is if he doesn’t make fun of your likes or dislikes. If the guy you like never makes fun of the things that you love, then there is a good chance that he has a crush on you. It could be anything from sports or video games to food and music, but it is always nice when someone respects your interests instead of making fun of them.

If this isn’t the case for him, then it could be because he doesn’t have as much time for his own hobbies as he used to before meeting up with you. If that’s the case, then maybe it would be better if he didn’t spend so much time hanging out with his friends and family members in order to get closer to his potential partner!

12. He Wants To Spend Quality Time With You

  • He Wants To Spend Quality Time With You

If he wants to spend time with you, that’s a good sign. But if he also wants to spend time with you doing things you enjoy doing, that’s a great sign! If he thinks that spending time together is important and enjoyable, then he will make an effort to find out what works for both of you and make it happen. If this is the case for him, then chances are good that he sees himself as part of your life for the long haul–and chances are even better that he’ll do anything in his power to ensure that this happens!

13. He Pays Attention

Pay attention to whether or not he’s paying attention. A man who’s into you will listen to what you have to say, notice things about you, remember things about you, and show interest in your life. He’ll ask questions about your day, what you did last weekend and where you think the future may take both of you. When a guy is interested in learning more about who his partner is as an individual and not just as “his girlfriend” or “his wife”—he’s showing signs that he’s into her for realzies.

You probably already know this one: When someone cares about someone else (romantically or otherwise), they want them to be happy! They want their lives together to work out well—and sometimes the only way they can make sure this happens is by working on themselves too so that they don’t stand in the way of their partner’s happiness any more than necessary. If he’s constantly trying too hard without seeing any results from these attempts at improvement…well then maybe he isn’t really trying at all!

14. He Holds Back On Something So That The Two Of You Can Do It Together For The First Time As A Couple Instead Of Individually

If you’re with a guy who holds back on something so that the two of you can do it together for the first time as a couple instead of individually, this is a good sign that your boyfriend has some serious commitment issues. He wants to feel like he has you all to himself and doesn’t want anyone else to have any part of you.

If he weren’t into you, he would be willing to share those things with other people too—people who are most likely not his girlfriend!

15. If There Is A Problem, Then Even Though The Two Of You Fight, There Is No Doubt In Your Mind That Everything Will Work Out At The End Because The Two Of You Are In This Together Like A Team

If a man is into you, he has the ability to put himself in your shoes and see things from your perspective. He respects your opinion and is willing to compromise when necessary.

This means that if you want something but he has a different opinion on it, he will at least consider compromising so that both of you can get what you want out of this relationship. This also means that if there is an issue within your relationship, then even though the two of you fight, there is no doubt in your mind that everything will work out in the end because the two of you are in this together like a team.

He actively plans activities or dates

One of the best signs that a guy is into you is that he plans activities or dates. Does he always go out of his way to meet up with you? Does he put in the effort to make sure that your schedules match up? If so, it’s a pretty good indication that this guy has a thing for you.

And if you’re looking for even more proof, remember that guys like doing things with girls they like. So if your crush wants to do everything from hiking to yoga together—or even just going out for milkshakes—then he definitely thinks about how much fun it will be when he’s hanging out with you!


If a guy acts like this, then you can be sure that his feelings are genuine and not just a trick or an act. The next time you find yourself wondering if he’s into you, think about whether he gives off any of these signs. If so, it may be time to stop worrying and start planning for the future!

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