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How to draw a tiger step by step | full guide

by Hamza

Drawing a tiger can be one of the most challenging tasks for any artist. After all, this is an animal that is famously difficult to capture on paper. In this blog post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to draw a tiger. By following our instructions, you’ll be able to create a realistic and beautiful depiction of this iconic animal in no time.

Step One: Draw the body

In this tutorial, we will be drawing a tiger step by step. First, start with the head. Draw a large oval for the head and then add in some basic features like the eyes and mouth. Next, draw the body using long lines that curve around the shape of the animal. Finally, add in small details like stripes and stripes on the fur.

Step Two: Draw the head

Draw the head. The first step is to draw the basic shape of the head. Start by drawing a large oval, and then use guidelines to help you carve out the details. Next, sketch in the tiger’s eyes and mouth. Finally, add some whiskers around the edge of the head.

Step Three: Draw the tiger’s stripes

In this final step of our tutorial on how to draw a tiger, we’ll be learning how to create the tiger’s stripes. To start, draw a straight line down the center of the tiger’s body. Next, use a curved line to create the first stripe down the center of the line you just drew. Repeat this process, creating additional stripes down the sides and bottom of the tiger. finish up by adding some details to the stripes, like whiskers and eyes.

Step Four: Add detail to the tiger’s stripes and body

The stripes on a tiger’s body are smooth and usually run the length of the animal’s body. To draw a tiger’s stripes, begin by sketching in some basic lines with a pencil. Once you have your basic outline, start adding small details to the stripes, such as tiny lines running between them. Be sure to use light and dark tones to create variation in your tiger’s stripes.

Step Five: Add details to the head and feet

In this step, you will add details to the tiger’s head and feet. FIRST, start by sketching out a basic outline of the head with a few circles for the eyes and a long, narrow nose. Next, continue to add small circles for the pupils and additional details to the nostrils.

Next, begin detailing the head with lines and curves. Start by drawing a line around the pupil and then follow that line with small, curved shapes to create depth. Use short strokes to create fur on the tiger’s head, tail and legs. Finally, add highlights to key areas such as the eyes and nose using darker colors. FAIR WARNING: Don’t be tempted to over-do it – especially when it comes to adding bright colors – tigers are experts at blending in so make sure your tones are subtle!

Step Six: Finish up

Now that you have learned how to draw a tiger step by step, it is time to finish up. Here are some tips for finishing your drawing:

To finish your tiger, add its eye and mouth details. To make the eye, start with a small circle and use a black pen to create a pupil. Then use a brown or green ink to create the iris. Use a light blue pen to create the highlights around the pupil. To finish the mouth, start with an oval and use black and light blue ink to create the teeth. Finally, add any other details like whiskers or fur.


Assuming you have some basic drawing skills under your belt, it’s time to learn how to draw a tiger. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to create the outline of a tiger’s body, head and claws. First, start by sketching an oval shape for the body. Next, add a few short lines to outline the belly and chest area. Don’t worry too much about accuracy at this stage – simply try to capture the general outline of the animal. Now continue sketching out the back and legs of the tiger. Finally, add in details like whiskers and spots on the tiger’s coat.

To finish off your drawing, add in the tiger’s head and ears. Begin by sketching out an oval for the head, then fill it in with angled lines that create a characteristic snout shape. Next, add in details like eyes and whiskers around the edge of the eye socket. Finally, paint in the mouth using curved lines followed by small dots. Add a final layer of paint over all the areas you’ve drawn to finish off your masterpiece!

Marking the tiger steps

Tigers have an incredibly agile and powerful stride, so it’s important to pay attention to the way they move if you’re going to try and emulate their movement in your drawings. The basic tiger step is as follows:

Start with a large base foot, with the heel down and toes pointing outwards. Drive the heel of the other foot into the ground, pushing off from there to spring into the air. Land on top of your original foot, pushing off that heel again to propel yourself forward. Keep your arms and body anchored to the ground as you move, using your hips and legs to power yourself through the motion

Tips for drawing tigers

Tigers are one of the most popular animals to draw for a number of reasons. They are beautiful, powerful and mystifying creatures that can be captured perfectly with a little bit of imagination and skill. Here are some tips for drawing tigers:

1. Start by sketching out your tiger’s basic outline on paper. Make sure to include its height, width and length. Add in any distinguishing features such as its long fur or big ears.

2. Next, begin to fill in your tiger’s body with soft yet defined lines. Sketch in its muscular chest and stomach, as well as its thick tail base. Be careful not to overwork your sketches – you want to allow room for further refinement later on.

3. Once your basic body is complete, start adding layers of fur around the edges of the image using a soft brush tip. Be sure to add enough detail so that the animal looks realistic but not so much that it becomes tedious to work with.

4. To finish up, add highlights and shadows around the animal’s features using a light hand, letting them naturalistically fade into the background Fur


Thank you for reading! In this full guide, we will teach you how to draw a tiger step-by-step. We will start with the head, and then move on to the body and tail. Finally, we will give tips on how to color in the tiger accurately. I hope that this guide helps you succeed in drawing a beautiful tiger!

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